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Kimbo's SoBe slice

Kimbo Much ink has been given to rising mixed-martial arts star Kimbo Slice (aka Kevin Ferguson), as well it should.

The 34-year-old homegrown athlete from the 305 played football at Miami Palmetto before finding a growing MMA fanbase with online fight videos. He made his TV debut last weekend in a nationally televised fight he won against James "The Colossus" Thompson (Kimbo made the dude's ear bleed).

The Smoking Gun today pulled up a mugshot (left) from Kimbo's 2002 arrest in Miami Beach. Cops charged him with a gun charge and an open-container violation. The weapons charge was dropped, and Kimbo attended an alcohol-education course after pleading no contest to the other citation.

The Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard reports it was Kimbo's only violent brush with the law.


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