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Moms arrested after sleepover sex party

Honey A bunch of teenagers had a co-ed party at a suburban Bucks County, Pa., home that turned sexual after the girls departed and the boys were left behind with two moms, police said.

Angela Honeycutt (above, left), 38, is accused of stripping in front of the teenage boys and having sex in a shower with two of them, ages 14 and 15.

The alleged incidents happened in April in a home owned by Lynne Long (above, right), 45, who investigators say was home at the time but did nothing to intervene. In fact, according to charging documents filed after both were arrested last week, Long encouraged the other boys to listen in on the sex acts (police said Long's children were not home at the time). 

Attorneys for both women described them as single moms who help each other through life, and the lawyers said Honeycutt and Long are not guilty.

Police launched the investigation after one of the alleged victims told his parents about what happened at the sleepover. "He was somewhat traumatized by it," Lower Makefield Township Police Chief Ken Coluzzi told The Philadelphia Inquirer


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What is this world coming too? These moms are a disgrace to motherhood. I hope they are miserable in prison.

tom reddy

Those boys knew what they were doing! Don't just blame the ladies... Boys in today society have all the knowledge and the boy who told his mother was mad cause he didn't get any...


I guess these moms are all what Obama was saying about rural America. They are standing up for or may I say bend over for their protection of their Constitutional rights to bear arms located between their legs used in the practice to bring their victims down, in this case - boys.
Now I see why both are single. What adult male would want to mate with sick minds like these two. Well I hope as all of PA wants their right to shoot at animales be protected, may be we can walk these two animals to the townsqure and execute.

Old Skool

Traumatized? At 15 I would have been thanking God for his manifold and great mercies.


Am I the only one that thinks this is awesome?? As long as those boys were not forced and used protection, aww well...

Lucky kids, lol


To those who think this is 'awesome' etc.

What if the perp was male and it was your 14 or 15 year old daughter or niece or sister in the shower having sex with a 38 year old man?

Would it still be awesome? Would you still be thanking God?

Old Skool

The reason to thank God is that as a 15 year old male your sexual peak is but 3 or 4 years away while sexual partners are exceedingly rare if existant at all. The apt comparison for females would be a 29 year old virgin. Any other comparisons would be a matter of maturity or morality which is not the reason to be thankful.

Old Skool

In other words, if the reference is to sexual peaks. The transitive relation implied by your argument would not be applicable here.


How is this a crime?

rick valdes

the boy on girl sex is more of an exploratory thing too don't you think?

they are still somehwat outta line though.


well one thing is obvious, these boys were stimulated and must have enjoyed it!


Wish I was those kids. Free sex.


Hey, you don't judge male and female the same when it comes to having sex/ sexual acts. It's not fair but it makes sense. Point being, if a boy has sex with 10 girls in a year, he is 'awesome', but if a female does it she's 'a whore'. So you can't use the same bar to judge both boy/girl when it comes to sex.

So when you say "what if it was my daughter having sex with a 38 male", yea I would be mad and angry. But you just don't treat boys the same way you would treat girls when it comes to sex. With that said, if it was my son, I would have given him a high 5 and tell him to remember to wear protection at all times...


god damn whats wrong with the world today....why havent this stuff happened to me when i was a teenager, mom on the left would get the goods also, that would be my home away from home cuz id sleep over every weekend and sometimes school nights


wow, if it had been girls whom had sex with male parents, the male parents would have been lynched!


bunch of idiots. the boys are 14 & 15 have some freaking respect please! it's sounds cute and all to act like its a good thing for these boys but how would you like one of them to turn around an impregnate your daughter now because sex is "meaningless" as these disgraceful moms have promoted? look - people get horny - but there are standards. kids have raging hormones but need to learn to control themselves!



Abraham J. Thomas

Interesting debate with opinions on all sides; teh beauty of America.

Proud Dad

If it was my son I'd high-5 him.


This isn't Miami news. Why would the Herald stoop to putting crap like this on the Web site?

Beasley, Benn, Lebovich -- you all should be ashamed. You're just throwing salacious content up there to get your coveted Web hits every day.


We don't live in Pennsylvania. Quit pulling stuff off the wire and go down to the police stations and work the blotters.


Meanwhile, Herald employees are getting laid off while these idiots sit around and post wire briefs.

And, anyway, I read this story the day before on another Web site.

Day-old news from out of state.
Thanks, Herald!


What bull! Every time a woman rapes a boy men get on here and discuss how great it is and many women too talk about how "they knew what they were doing" etc. If the situation was reversed there would be calls for castration of the men!

The fact and truth is that study after study has demonstrated that while boys are bombarded with THE most powerful human hormone known, testosterone, they are STILL boys. They suffer long-term effects from these liaisons! They are "juiced up" on testosterone and it makes them unable to think clearly. After the fact it remains a fact that these boys may be physically ready but emotionally they are not and it is damaging just as much as it is IF NOT MORE SO for a young girl that age to have sex with an older man. Why I say "if not more so" is because generally girls are more rational at that age because they are not influenced by testosterone and YES they are also sexually curious and believe me to the idiot that says today's boys know what they are doing---the girls know even more!

Girls between 12-16 are not only sexually curious but manipulative and able to manipulate boys into anything they want. Sexism is a two way street and female pedophiles are a reality now and we need to start treating them as such. You also forget these boys were at an innocent sleep-over and the mother of one of them allowed her son and his friends to be molested by her friend, that is just sick!


I remember back when I was 13/14/15 and one of my fantasy was to hook up with my friends mom. I am so jealous of these kids it makes me sick.


I remember back when I was 13/14/15 and one of my fantasy was to hook up with my friends mom. I am so jealous of these kids it makes me sick.


I remember back when I was 13/14/15 and one of my fantasy was to hook up with my friends mom. I am so jealous of these kids it makes me sick.


Adam-many girls have fantasies about their friends Dad's too! I had a crush on a male PE teacher--but would people be high fiving me if I had sex with him or would they be lynching him? I would think the latter!


seriously though i didnt post 3 times, my bad.

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