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Murder suspect Googled 'How to kill with knife'

Entwistle Interesting stuff in today's Boston Globe -- even if you're not a Celtics fan.

You might remember a story two years back of a Massachusetts mother and her nine-month-old baby shot in their home.

Cops and prosecutors pointed the finger at Briton Neil Entwistle -- husband and father -- who flew back to England shortly after their murders.

Well, in either a damning piece of testimony or just one wild coincidence, Entwistle Googled "how to kill with a knife" four days before the murder.

As an aside, the suspect also had a taste for internet pornography.

In other news, I recently Googled "How to eat 17 double cheeseburgers in one sitting" but it was completely unrelated to a late-night trip to Mickey D's over the weekend.

Check out a video report here.


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What an idiot.


Who? The author or subject of the story?

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