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Murderous maniac boasted before killing spree

Knife Sick news out of Japan...

Tomohiro Kato, the man police say knifed seven people to death in Akihabara, a busy shopping town, telegraphed his acts online before carrying them out.

The first post that Kato pointed them to was logged at 5:21 a.m. Sunday on a mobile phone website and was titled, "I will kill people in Akihabara."

"I want to crash the vehicle and, if it is rendered useless, then I will use a knife. Goodbye everyone."

Seven hours later, he made true on his promise.

Now, there will inevitably be a rush to condemn police for missing this plan, but a little perspective is in order.

On MiamiHerald.com alone, hundreds of comments are posted by readers each day. While it's true that we have some oversight of the comments and readers have to register to post, it's tough to monitor every single utterance from the craziest of the crazies who use a message board as a their own private soapbox.


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