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57,000 pounds of chicken stolen

ChickenCall it a case of fowl play.

Thieves raided the Food Bank of Delaware Saturday night, stealing two trailers and a tractor.

The take inside - 57,000 pounds of chicken donated by Frank Perdue - and a $500,000 loss for the food bank.

Delaware State Police told 6 ABC Action News it's the work of professionals.

"It's obviously a person who knows how to operate this type of equipment,'' said Delaware State Police Corporal Jeff Whitmarsh. "Not only that, but the other trailer that was stolen was not attached. So has to be someone who not only can drive a rig, but knows how to hook it up to an additional trailer."

Police are looking for the stolen trailers, which are emblazoned with the food bank's logo.

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Jail escapee lands in chief's office

10102328amorganfreemantimrobbinsshaThese Texas inmates should have paid more attention during the escape scene in the Shawshank Redemption.

The two tried to make a clean getaway from the Alton city jail by crawling through air conditioning ducts in the middle of the night.

That's when one of them came crashing through the ceiling - into the police chief's office. The other was caught trying to fit into a small vent.

The two - Jesus Albert Suarez Chavez, 17, and Roman Orozco Martinez, 22 - were moved to
another jail after the failed attempt.

Read the full story here.

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Yo quiero pistolas

Tacobell Here's your standard, run-of-the mill burglary:

Man steals 16 weapons from a Jacksonville gun shop.

Man crashes getaway car in Taco Bell parking lot.

Man jumps in dumpster.

Man is caught and goes to jail.

Now, I love a Gordita Supreme as much as the next guy, but can you imagine how horrific a Taco Bell trash bin smells?

That's punishment enough.

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Pregnancy pact hoax?

Preggers You might remember that Time.com story from last week of Massachusetts teens swearing an oath to get knocked up, and then following through on said pact.

Well, the mayor of the Gloucester fought back against the besmirching of her town Monday.

The Boston Globe reports that there was "absolutely no evidence of" such a pact, and that the story's primary source -- the high school's principal -- had a "foggy" memory of who originally told him of such an agreement.

The mayor, Carolyn Kirk, has seen her sleepy port town turn into Ground Zero for the culture wars nearly overnight. The astounding story has raised questions about condoms in school and the Jamie Lynn Spearsification of teenage sex.

Oh yeah, and Oprah's people have called, too.

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AP: We're all gonna die

Volcano There is no better way to start your week than reading this story from over the weekend:

WASHINGTON - Is everything spinning out of control?

Midwestern levees are bursting. Polar bears are adrift. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Home values are abysmal. Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable. Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism.

Horatio Alger, twist in your grave.

Excuse me while I reach for the Prozac.

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Photojournalist found guilty in Miami-Dade court

Miller You may remember we blogged a while back about photojournalist Carlos Miller's arrest by Miami police officers in February '07 and the journalists who stepped up to help fight for him.

(Quick recap: Miller, a freelancer, was shooting photos for an online magazine story about Miami's Upper Eastside neighborhood when he turned his attention to some officers interviewing a person on Biscayne Boulevard. Miller says the cops asked him to move on, to which he ID'd himself as a journalist and said he was allowed to take photographs on public property. They charged him with disorderly conduct, disobeying a police officer and resisting arrest without violence.)

The case finally went to court, and a jury of Miller's peers last week found him not guilty on two of the charges but guilty of resisting arrest.

What's more confusing than the conviction was the judge's harsh sentence. Even though the prosecutor only asked for three months of probation plus court costs, Judge Jose "Joe" Fernandez slapped Miller with one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, an anger management class and $540 in court costs.

Read Miller's take and updates on his blog.

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God arrested in coke sting near church

Story A man named God (not to be confused with a magician named Gob) was arrested in Tampa over the weekend, charged with delivery of cocaine near a church and a school.

Cops had been investigating God Lucky Howard (left) since April, according to this ABC Action News report. Undercover detectives picked him up on Saturday and charged him with selling drugs.

After arresting this man who apparently is neither godly nor lucky, officers searched his home and found 22 grams of coke and a scale.

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Yet another shot of life

Botox Yesterday, we brought you wall-to-wall coverage of pumping parties, where people pay hundreds of dollars to illegally receive silicone injections.

On a somewhat related note, The Smoking Gun brings us this fun item:

End Of Line For 'Botox Bandit'

Florida police today arrested Kellie Thomas, 23, for grand theft after she allegedly received Botox treatments from a Port St. Lucie cosmetic surgeon earlier this month and then skipped out on her $1225 bill.

As always, the Gun is chock full of documents and pictures, most specifically before and after photos of the 'Bandit.'

My question to you, fair readers, is did the injections make a bit of difference?

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Call it a palmed robbery

This is awesome-sad.

Police say Gelando Olivieri, 33, tried to rob a Deland convenience store. His disguise: He pulled his shirt over his face. His weapon: A palm frond.

Olivieri, who store employees recognized as a local drifter, was arrested a few blocks away. He'll face armed robbery charges, for his use of the palm piece as a possible stabbing instrument. Seriously.

See how everything went down in the surveillance video, below. You hear Olivieri demanding money and see him shaking his frond, then a customer prods him out of the store with the business end of a barstool. 

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Woman pulls hair, bites for spot in line

Tiffanymbrown_t220 Asking Tiffany Mashae Brown to move to a different cash register at the Family Dollar Store proved to be a mistake.

Brown, left, allegedly pulled out a woman's hair, choked that woman's mother and bit a cop's finger at the Fort Pierce store.

But don't worry, she gave her 8-month-old to a store employee for safe keeping before the alleged assault, TCPalm reports.

"Brown almost dropped her baby and started walking toward [another customer] while saying, 'I'm gonna kill you!''' according to the report.

Brown, 24, reportedly weighs 265 pounds and put up a fight against a Fort Pierce police officer trying to stop her.

She was charged with battery, resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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