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Parking dispute gets ugly, iconic Hermes bag used as weapon

Birkin Is this any way to treat a $7,500 handbag?

We bring you an incident from the parking garage at the Bal Harbour Shops - where after a dispute over a parking space a woman whacked another with an orange Hermes Birkin bag.

Did we mention there is a waiting list for these bags?

The three-page police report details the parking lot squabble.

The victim was trying to pull into a parking space when a white BMW cut her off and nabbed the spot.

The woman got out to talk to the space stealer.

That's when a woman - possibly with a Russian accent - hit her across the face with the Birkin bag and exclaimed "I can do whatever I want, b----, I'm beautiful.''

A man carrying a large Louis Vuitton bag accompanied with the woman (who wore a black dress, black scarf and dark sunglasses).

After the two suspects went inside Neiman Marcus, where they were caught on security camera, making a purchase at the Louis Vuitton counter.

Police are still looking for the duo, and want to charge the woman with simple battery.

Thanks to editor Gail Epstein for the tip.


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I would had Keyed that on her car.. 305


Fabulous! Unfortunately, I really haven't seen any beautiful Russian ladies here in Miami yet. I've seen them elsewhere, but here they all seem to be kind of fugly.

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