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Dupre drops Girls Gone Wild suit

Dupre The bad week we told you Joe Francis was having? It just got a lot better.

The Girls Gone Wild founder has 10 million reasons to smile tonight after Ashley Alexandra Dupre dropped her $10 million lawsuit against him.

Dupre (left) sued Francis, claiming he ruined her reputation, after he dug up footage of her baring all for the GGW cameras during a 2003 Miami Beach spring break trip. In a statement from her Miami attorney, Dupre says she is trying to "eliminate all negativity" from her life and focus on the positive.

Dupre, you remember, was the high-priced callgirl at the center of the sex scandal that took down N.Y. Gov. Elliot Spitzer.

From his California office, Francis told me tonight he didn't pay Dupre or her attorneys a dime -- they simply decided to withdraw the suit.

"I never did understand how I could possibly damage the reputation of a hooker," Francis said. "She had her 15 minutes of fame, and she got an extra five because of me."

Here is a copy of Francis' official press release: Download dupre_apology_press_release.doc


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