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Good policework leads to suspect

Seven_mile_bridge Miami detectives are hot on the trail of a man who they believe fled to Nicaragua after killing his wife and dumping her body off the Seven Mile Bridge.

Here's how things unfolded:

-On July 17, two tourists on a fishing trip found a woman's body in shallow water near the bridge.

-On July 20, the Herald's Cammy Clark reported that Monroe County detectives ruled the death a homicide because the woman had been bound at the wrists, waist and neck and the body weighed down so it wouldn't float.

-The break in the case, as reported today by the Herald's David Ovalle, came when Miami detectives heard about the unidentified body and asked Monroe County for a copy of the fingerprints.   

The fingerprints belonged Eliett Jarquin, who had a brush with the law in 2002 and had recently been reported missing by her aunt.

Miami homicide detectives searched Jarquin's home and discovered that her husband, Francisco, had fled to his native Nicaragua. They interviewed Jarquin's brother, who admitted he helped Francisco put 44-pound gym weights onto Eliett's body and dump it over the bridge.

Police didn't say how Eliett was killed, but they believe it happened around July 13. Police were working on an arrest warrant for Francisco Jarquin. 


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Mo Perez


I just read in "ELNUEVODIARIO.COM.NI" that yesterday 10/18/12, the same individual, killed somebody and then kill himself, in Nicaragua.

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