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Pregnant prostitutes snared in undercover sting

f Prostitute_2 Does the baby bump cost extra?

Of four prostitutes busted in an undercover sting last week, officials say three were pregnant.

The sheriff's department apparently got reports that pregnant women were advertising services on the Internet, according to MyFox Kansas City.

Each was at a different point in her pregnancy - one eight months, another six and the other three months along.

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Man's nose bitten, lost in drunken fight

MerrivalAn Iowa City man bit off his friend's nose last week after the two had thrown back a few too many.

The two men, Donroy Merrival (left) and Matthew Osing (below left), started arguing, so Osing hit his friend with a shovel.

Merrival readied for battle. He crouched down, then jumped up and grabbed Osing's face, bitting his nose and lip.

The noseNose has not been recovered.

"I don't know if he swallowed it or if my dogs might have eaten it, I don't know,"
Osing told the AP.

Merrival was charged in the incident and Osing could face charges as well.

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Funeral home accused of letting bodies rot

Wint_deadfeet1 No, it's not a subplot from Six Feet Under.

Missouri's attorney general is trying to shut down a funeral home, claiming the mortuary stored some bodies without refrigeration or embalming for more than 10 months.

A recent state investigation found Warren Funeral Chapel also reused soiled caskets and kept a dirty embalming room, according to  Courthouse News Service.

On July 11, inspectors smelled a strong odor and followed it until they found an unembalmed, unrefrigerated body of someone who died in September 2007. It was in an advanced stage of decay and was being stored in the electrical room, investigators said.

"There are very serious concerns for human health and safety about how this establishment has handled human remains," Attorney General Jay Nixon said in a statement.

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Tuesday's exotic dancer update

StrippercopYes, there's a bit of a theme here, but I know my readers.

And my readers want stripper news.

The latest is from Germany, where a woman's raucous 30th birthday got a little wilder when two men decked out in police uniforms knocked on the door.

The room full of ladies showered them with applause -- thinking they were Chippendales' finest.

Turns out, they were actual cops, called by neighbors to quiet the partiers down.

No arrests were made, but it reminds me of a great scene in a fantastic movie, L.A. Confidential.

Lana Turner: Get away from our table!

Ed Exley: Shut up! A hooker cut to look like Lana Turner is still a hooker.

Johnny Stompanato: Hey!

Ed Exley: She just looks like Lana Turner.

Jack Vincennes: She *is* Lana Turner.

Ed Exley: [stunned] What?

Jack Vincennes: She *is* Lana Turner.

[Lana throws a drink in Ed's face]

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Inmates escape from Florida jail

Bilde_2 There's an all-out manhunt in Northwest Florida after two inmates escaped from the Santa Rosa County Jail over the weekend.

Ricky Dale Spears (top left) and David Chapell Dixon (below left) wiggled through a 12-inch square opening in the ceiling of their cell, made their way to the roof and jumped down to freedom.

Jail officials are blaming a "design flaw" for allowing the inmates to escape, and they're inspecting all parts of the facility for similar flaws.

Bilde2_2 Spears, a felon previously convicted of armed robbery and burglary, was awaiting trial on charges connected to the kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl. Dixon was in the clink after allegedly robbing a yogurt shop last year and trying to escape from jail (!!!) in February.

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Is stripping an art?

Lion28_tootsie_dade_wmm In a word, yes. Or two: Hell yes.

But that's just my opinion.

Sadly, I'm not a judge in Fremont County, Iowa.

Timothy O'Grady, is, however, and he will soon rule on whether or not nude dancing at "art centers" will continue.

The AP has details.

Of course, I'll keep you posted.

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A shocking way to start a marriage

Taser Of all the things that could go wrong on a wedding night, what happened last weekend to newlyweds Andy and Ania Somora has gotta take the cake.

The couple's guests apparently got a little unruly at their wedding reception at a Michigan art gallery, prompting the gallery's owners to call police.

Fourteen police agencies responded (not 14 officers - 14 agencies). According to witnesses, officers repeatedly shocked the groom with a Taser, the bride got a jolt, too (left), and the groom's father was placed in the back of a police cruiser.

Several people were arrested for disorderly conduct, and the not-so-happy couple spent their wedding night in jail.

The Durango (Mich.) Herald covered the melee, as did the Michigan City News-Dispatch, where readers (including some wedding guests) had a field day with the post-a-comments

*Thanks to tipster Rick for zapping this one our way.

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Feds smelled something fishy going on

Fishredsnapperdead Several Florida fisherman and seafood dealers have been charged in a federal indictment that claims they illegally caught and sold thousands of pounds of fish.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the undercover operation was one of the farthest-reaching the Gulf Coast has seen in the past 20 years.

The men -- who face decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines -- are accused of illegally dealing in red snapper (like the ones at left), redfish, red grouper, gag grouper and of selling Vietnamese catfish as grouper. The Panama City News Herald has more.

The indictment came out of Georgia, where investigators said two co-defendants ran a retail and wholesale business called Road Runner Seafood.

Read the criminal indictment here: Download 1-08-cr-00032-WLS-RLH.zip 

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Good policework leads to suspect

Seven_mile_bridge Miami detectives are hot on the trail of a man who they believe fled to Nicaragua after killing his wife and dumping her body off the Seven Mile Bridge.

Here's how things unfolded:

-On July 17, two tourists on a fishing trip found a woman's body in shallow water near the bridge.

-On July 20, the Herald's Cammy Clark reported that Monroe County detectives ruled the death a homicide because the woman had been bound at the wrists, waist and neck and the body weighed down so it wouldn't float.

-The break in the case, as reported today by the Herald's David Ovalle, came when Miami detectives heard about the unidentified body and asked Monroe County for a copy of the fingerprints.   

The fingerprints belonged Eliett Jarquin, who had a brush with the law in 2002 and had recently been reported missing by her aunt.

Miami homicide detectives searched Jarquin's home and discovered that her husband, Francisco, had fled to his native Nicaragua. They interviewed Jarquin's brother, who admitted he helped Francisco put 44-pound gym weights onto Eliett's body and dump it over the bridge.

Police didn't say how Eliett was killed, but they believe it happened around July 13. Police were working on an arrest warrant for Francisco Jarquin. 

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Because it's Friday, Man Bites Dog

Manbitesdog I know, I know. It's a tired cliche. But what do you want from me? It's almost the weekend.

Regardless of how many times it's been done before, this kind of story still brings a smile to my face.

The AP has the tale (not tail -- double-ugh) of a pit bull that attacked an 11-year-old Brazilian boy, only to have the tables turned.

The boy bit back, sinking his chompers into the pooch's neck.

Here's the kicker: The kid bit so hard, he lost a tooth.

Which tooth, you ask? A canine, of course.

I'm not kidding.

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