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Rick Ross: 305 hypocrite?

0721081rickross2 The Smoking Gun just dropped a fat one on Rick Ross: Hard evidence that the Miami rapper used to be a Florida prison guard.

This bomb comes a few days after Ross denied such allegations, claiming photos that surfaced on the Internet of him in a guard uniform (left) were "fake pictures ... created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake."

But TSG got Ross' personnel records from the Department of Corrections (back when his name was still William Leonard Roberts). He graduated at age 19 from the DoC training academy and went to work in 1995 at the South Florida Reception Center in Doral for $22,913.54 a year. He quit about two years later.

0721081inside1 Ross, now 32, likes to brag in lyrics and news articles about his days of slangin' weed, coke and heroin in Carol City.

Gotta wonder: Was that before or after he was a paid law enforcement officer, if it ever happened at all?


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It was during he was a paid law enforcement officer. duh!


LOL! That goes to show you that you can't believe everything a rapper raps about. They're just loud and love to draw a crowd. A CO that stole his flow from his inmates yo!


Ya Heard!


who says you can't sell drugs while being a law enforcement officer just don't get caught


I am pretty sure 80% of the people working for the department of corrections are "slangin' weed, coke and heroin in Carol City" not to mention Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the keys


Somebody has some splainin' to do...


umm considering he quit 2 years later...after being hired at 19...that made him 21...(real old) hes 32 now....maybe he sold drugs and hustled lets see.....during those 11 years of NOT being law enforcment? People are some dumb mofo's!

True Hip Hop Head

He's the biggest fraud that you've seen thus far! You don't sling weed, crack, and heroin and not get caught at least once or twice. The drug game is full of snitches! Any crackhead will dime you out to anybody willing to listen for a reduced sentence.


Even Vanilla Ice is more real than that poser.


ya'll put dude on blast,ain't nothing but some haters,the point is whatever you do is not to ever
get caught you got to get your game tight,that sh#% is like sport you in it to win it,if he's a fraud ya'll know soon or later,don't know em' don't care about'em he make music that's the man hustle,stop hating,ya'll haters get a new hobby"get money"


Who cares...maybe he sold drugs and maybe he didn't. Any one with some sense knows that rappers are simply that...rappers, they are simply rapping to entertain. They're entertainers and put out music that you (the fan) wants to hear. Real gangstas (as so many of them claim to be) do not brag about what they've done or will be doing. They have better things to take care of and worry about...

However, whether he sold drugs or not does not make him hard nor soft because selling drugs or not selling drugs does not define whether someone is hard or soft (or if they have street credibility). I aint never sold drugs a day in my life, but momma aint raise no punk, ya dig...


who gives a F***


who gives a F***


Props to chevyboy, selling crack don't make you a winner at all. U gonna tell me a crack dealer is more of a winner than this guy puhleez.


seriously, is it hard to believe that corrections officers don't deal in the jails/prisons?! They just busted a bunch of corrections officers the other day! Drive by the dade county jail one day, and see all the pimped out, high end cars the corrections officers drive in the parking lot! Nice job, if you can get it.


Um, isnt it just a song, entertainment? Not everyone recording artist wrote their song, which means they didnt live through their lyrics!! Just another song.


Ok so in another article i read a while back he says he played football after high school at some all black school in Georgia so how did he become a corrections officer at 19? Numbers dont add up to me so one of the two stories are fake. Anyways most rappers are fakes anyways cause anyone whos ever been out in the streets selling drugs knows especially in this day an age you dont get away with much for too long ESPECIALLY when your selling cocaine and heroin..Please RICK ROSS you stoled someone elses name which makes you a fake and so is your image.. Be Real for once and just claim to be an entertainer rather than a thug cause lord knows you could never run away from the cops if you had to FATBOY!

gainesville crime scene cleaners

everyone knows prison guards are gangstas! seriously, rather than denying it, he could have played it up like he was dealing with the criminals in jail or something, of course that could have gotten him arrested so maybe that's not a good idea...

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