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Tampa's bloody-finger sandwiches and teacups

Fingertip_2 This post is dedicated to Tampa Tribune cops reporter Valerie Kalfrin, without whom we would have nothing to blog about this morning.

Kalfrin has a one-two punch of bizarre crimes. Without further delay:

- Two Tampa women got into a fight at the Aliana Meat Market over whose number was next to be served. Pamela Bumpers, who apparently really wanted her pastrami, pronto, bit off a fingertip of the other woman, Jacqueline Wimbush.

How Mike Tyson of her. I'm picturing a woman with a bloody severed finger in her mouth, while the deli counter guy asks, "Will that be all for you today?" Police charged Bumpers with felony battery.

Teacupchihuahua - Kalfrin's second gem is the story of a homeowner defending his castle with a .357 Magnum and a 6-pound Chihuahua, like the one at left.

Odie the doggie barked his little head off, alerting his owner to an intruder who had burrowed under the backyard fence, blowtorch in hand.

The homeowner kept the gun pointed at the would-be burglar until police arrived, even firing a warning shot to make it clear he meant business. Police said the shot was justified, and they charged the prowler with various felonies.


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