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10th DUI: Congrats, you're going to jail

Janet When cops pulled over the smiley Janet Landrum (left) this weekend, they say the Manatee County accountant was drunk behind the wheel, and it wasn't her first time.

Wasn't her second or third or eighth time, either. Landrum, 41, has been arrested 10 times on DUI charges over the past 20 years, records show.

Landrum's been busted in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and six times in Florida -- 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2008. No one has ever been injured in any of the incidents, and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that Landrum also has a number of arrests for driving with a revoked license.

"To get caught 10 times, obviously the majority of the time you're driving you are probably impaired," Manatee County sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow said.   


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alcohol should be illegal

alcoholics are lowlife scumbags


low life scum redneck drunk typical midwest white trash. Id love to marry her, obviously she has money galore to keep doing this- and set her life straight. But i never get a ahcance


The article reflects the fact that our judges place little value on the lives of the non alcohol misusers.
We're talking about judges in several jurisdictions.


bill, since when is georgia, florida, tenn the mid west? are you a product of the southern states public education?
this woman has a major problem and should be banned from ever driving again.
this woman needs professional help----all on her OWN dime----not the publics.
judges are corrupt in this country. they are out to find a way of revenue for the locality they work for.


no, making it illegal for people to consume alcohol won't work. low life gangs will sell it anyway.
It seems that legally a judge should have the power to impose a lifetime ban on driving. This law is enforced in some states,,NJ is one I know of.


Is there any other country in the world that would put up with this? What is she smiling about?
She obviously has serious mental problems and needs psychological help.The judges do too.
Take her license away for life, lock her up, do something.
For God's sake protect the rest of us from the scourge of drunk driving. Are they going to wait until she kills somebody?


I'd love to take proper care of this drunk hottie.


I'd hit it........


What they should do is put this lady behind bars. What is it going to take for her to get from behind a steering wheel? Will someone's mother, father, sister or brother be killed by this lady? As always, things must first get out of hand before anyone does anything.

South Florida Movers

LOL at milflover and keywestjay. She obviously has a serious problem with alcohol. She has had all these DUI's, but there is no report of her being in an accident under the influence. Regardless, she should go to jail and have her license revoked for a long time.

Hollywood, Florida Movers

My previous comments did not excuse her behavior just because she is good at driving drunk and hasnt gotten in an accident yet lol.

Wow 10 dui arrests. That is just crazy.


Janet goes to court again at Feb 7 2011 at Manatee county court after having it put off several times..She has been sentenced to four years already but is having a jury trial to try to undue that..
Janet will really be in need of a drink after court,,, She is facing four to eight years this time around.... I hope she gets a new hair die job before court time...........................
If found not guilt ...I will buy her a drink but Janet can't drive my truck..


Janet is in the Florida prison now..
Look up Florida prison search for details & photo
she is doing four years so far.

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