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Cops in trouble after kicking 'cuffed man

FootageA West Palm Beach officer resigned and two others were placed on administrative leave after a dashboard camera showed them kicking and punching a handcuffed man.

The Palm Beach Post has the story and great video that shows rookie officer Kurt Graham and officer Louis Schwartz kicking Pablo Gilberto Valenzuela outside a CVS.

Valenzuela_2 Valenzuela (left) had run out of the drugstore's emergency exit upon seeing the officers walk in, and he tried to spritz them with pepper spray when they chased him, according to police. After they caught up and cuffed him, the officers kicked Valenzuela in the face (they said he was trying to bite their legs).

A third officer, Jason Zangara, punched a still-cuffed Valenzuela in the face (he said Valenzuela tried to spit on him).

Graham resigned, and Schwartz and Zangara are on administrative leave, the Post reports.


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I would have punched and kicked him too. I think people should just stop taping the police doing stuff. It is not like these guys don't deserve it. I am sure if someone had kicked their buts when they were younger they wouldn't be in the situation they were it. If someone sprayed me in the face with pepper spray, they would deserve it. Why do people even feel sorry for these losers anyway - take sympathy where it belongs!

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