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Cops sued for killing 'Lucky' the dog

Weiss2020chocolate20lab20puppy An Omaha woman filed a lawsuit this week against the city and several police officers who killed her dog during a search of her home.

The woman, Colleen Carroll, claims the city owes her at least $250,000 for shooting Lucky Boy, her chocolate-lab mix, without provocation. (The cute puppy to the left is what I imagine LB looked like, but it's not actually him.)

Carroll, who was not arrested or charged with any crimes as a result of the search, described Lucky Boy as "a peaceful family pet" who did not show any aggression toward the officers and was contained to a separate room.

Thanks to the Courthouse News Service for the story. 


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I am sure the police just look forward to blowing away the family pet, pleeaase. I certainly donot want to get bit and I am sure the copsdon't either. Buy another dam dog lady.

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