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Man offers "prostitute'' 2 cents for sex

Diaz_hernandezThere's not much you can get for two cents.

A homeless man learned that lesson the hard way.

Fausino Diaz Hernandez (left), 46, was arrested last week for soliciting a prostitute after he offered an undercover deputy two cents for sex, the Naples Daily News reports.

Before his arrest, he also offered the "prostitute'' other items, including a cigarette lighter and a bicycle.

Several other men were arrested as part of the undercover operation.


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More inefficient use of taxpayers money. Government keeps on crying that they have no money and that they need to cut services or increase taxes, yet they make absolutely no attempt to prioritize which laws that they choose to enforce. Stupid!


It´s a crime to offer a prostitute so little money.


i wonder how bad she must have looked to only have been offered two cents?


One advantage of wearing penny loafers, you'll never be too broke to proposition a hooker.

A good one

Penny Loafers--now that was a good one? Haven't seen those in years. So we set up eight cops to arrest and sting these people meanwhile everyday the little things add up to everyday frustrations that they do not even come out to do a report on...burglaries, breaking into cars, purse snatchings, our older seniors and females not feeling safe...LET ADULT people do their ADULT things

Guy Pines

Looks like the undercover deputy was so offended, she beat the guy within an inch of his life.


Looks to me like the priveleged making fun of the homeless. Why did the undercover cop push so hard to nail a HOMELESS man? Wasn't it obvious that he didn't have any money? Is the real problem with prostitution the homeless people who keep the industry alive and thriving? NO!!

It's the businessman who's "working late" or the worse, the celebrity or political figure who's ethics have lapsed. The problem with prostitution is half due to those who have the ability and willingness to pay for the services.

How does a HOMELESS man make the newspaper for this? How does he get arrested ...for this?


This is the kind of thing that happens when people get to the point that they feel like they've adequately addressed issues they've read about in the paper by typing in a zinger in the comment box below instead of becoming involved in how their government functions. HAha!! Zingaaahh!!


This guy is in jail while Spitzer isn't?!


put the mug shot of the cop on here


poor soul, can't get laid for 2 shiny pennies. seems another homeless college of mr shopping cart would have sold it to him for that price.

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