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Latest Fla. craze: Nude jaywalking

Naked_me1 Yes, it’s hot, but …

… Can’t people just keep their clothes on?

Yesterday, I wrote about the guy who died in police custody after they found him strolling down Northwest Second Avenue in the buff.

Then comes this gem from the Tallahassee Democrat:

A 40-year-old man walking his dog in the nude Friday night in northwest Tallahassee was Tasered by police when he became belligerent and refused to follow an officer’s commands.

I ask, selfishly: Why don’t any women ever feel so voyeuristic?


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were they related?


Why are we so hung up on nudity? It's like that due to religon and it's teaching. There are parts of this world where it is common to be at a beach nude. Of course, it is not for everybody, but it really is no big deal, if you have the body for it. judging from what I see here, I would rather see some women dressed in a tent. There used to be some fat woman who drove around Miami Beach in the nude. The police did not want to arrest her because it was too ugly to look at her up-close.


More waste of time in a rapidly shrinking newsroom. Stick to local news, please.

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