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Restaurant to serve breast milk

Breastfeed_980648f Sometimes we write about things that aren't crimes but should be. Like Swiss restaurant The Storchen (English: The Stork) announcing plans to serve breast milk to its grownup customers.

"We have all been raised on it. Why should we not include it into our diet?" restaurant owner Hans Locher asks rhetorically, adding that he re-experimented with breast milk after his daughter was born.

Health authorities in Switzerland can't do anything to stop Locher, apparently, because humans are not on the list of legally approved or banned milk sources. 

And here's the kicker: Locher is accepting donations from milk-producing women, who he'll pay about $5.50 US for 14 ounces.

*Thanks to Chef Michael for the tip.

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"We were robbed by f-in' O.J."

340correction_oj_simpsonsffstanda_2 O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial is underway in Las Vegas, and the theatrics are already in full force (Crime Scene will soon be there, reporting live).

Memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong had chest pains on the witness stand, delaying his testimony while paramedics attended to him. The judge has scolded lawyers and cops alike during the proceedings.

And the biggest thing to come out yet: A 202-page transcript of secret recordings made by Thomas Riccio, a convicted felon who set up the Sept. 2007 confrontation at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino and then sold portions of the tape to TMZ.com. (Scroll down to "Documents" on the link above for the transcripts.)

In the audio recording immediately after the alleged robbery, Fromong and Riccio are in the hotel room, and Fromong accuses Riccio of setting him up, then Fromong says,

"I guess we'll all have a good story to tell our f-ing grandkids. We were robbed by f-in' O.J."

The Courthouse News Service has a fuller review of the recordings, and the Associated Press has the latest from inside the courtroom.   

(Pool photo of Simpson and his Miami attorney, Yale Galanter.)

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Latest Fla. craze: Nude jaywalking

Naked_me1 Yes, it’s hot, but …

… Can’t people just keep their clothes on?

Yesterday, I wrote about the guy who died in police custody after they found him strolling down Northwest Second Avenue in the buff.

Then comes this gem from the Tallahassee Democrat:

A 40-year-old man walking his dog in the nude Friday night in northwest Tallahassee was Tasered by police when he became belligerent and refused to follow an officer’s commands.

I ask, selfishly: Why don’t any women ever feel so voyeuristic?

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Russian devil-worshipers slay, eat teens

F_111620_gothmurder_daily_320_2 Freaky story of the day comes from Russia, where members of a Satanic cult are believed to have killed four teens in the most horrific of ways:

Cops say they made the teens get drunk, then they stabbed each victim 666 times, burned them alive, cut off their body parts and ate them. Holy moly.

A photo of three of the four victims -- described as Goths who were lured by the cult's leader -- is at left.  They're all 16 or 17.

This happened in a rural region called Yaroslavl, about 300 miles northeast of Moscow. Eight people have been arrested, and the Sun tabloid has all the freaky-deaky details.

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You may know you're nuts when ...

Ikesurvivor ... You try to ride out one of the most devastating hurricanes in Texas history on your front porch.

But that's exactly what Ray Wilkinson, a 67-year-old Marine Corps veteran, did when Ike was baring down last week.

The Surfside Beach man survived. Heck, he might even know the error of his ways.

"I'm just a crazy, old hardhead," Wilkinson told the Houston Chronicle. "I didn't say I had all my marbles."

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Note to men: Do the dishes

Dishes1 A woman violently bit her boyfriend, broke a picture frame over his head and lunged at him with a sword, according to police.

Why? Because her boyfriend didn't clean the dirty dishes.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has this nutty tale, but no mugshots. The couple has been dating for nine months and living together the past four, police said.

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Heading back north

Beasleyfire Big weekend, sports fans. It's the weekend I return to Syracuse for the long-awaited 'Cuse-Penn State game.

I'm from Pa., and half my high school ended up Nittany Lions.

Returning to school will bring back great memories: storming the Carrier Dome after handing Miami its rear, soroity formals, and of course, the Livingstock Riot.

Back story: Syracuse police once upon a time actually OK'd a full-fledged, kegs-on-front-porches block party.

That practice came to a crashing hault in spring of 1999, when the block nearly burnt to the ground.

The cops tried to shut it down at curfew. Thousands of drunked college kids refused. The result: Massive bonfires, fueled by furniture, bottles thrown at cops, hoses, K9s, and I believe pepper spray.

I was there, and I have proof. See the picture above? I'm the kid in the blue hat, to the left of the dude in the blue shirt and white hat, just to the left of the fire.

Don't want to hear it from any Staters out there about behavior, though. You've had your own problems.

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Great minds...



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An illicit sausage-whacking

Andoullie20sausage20raw I'm still trying to figure out what drug Antonio Vasquez Jr. could have possibly been on when he burglarized a home in his skivvies and abused the sleeping owners with food from their own kitchen.

Vasquez (left) ransacked a Fresno, Calif., house, then went into the bedroom, where two farmworkers were asleep, according to the Fresno Bee. This is where things get strange.

607avasquezmugshotprod_affiliate8 The victims awoke because Vasquez rubbed Pappy's spice seasoning on one of them and smacked the other in the face with an 8-inch sausage. !!!!

AND THEN: Vasquez ran out of the house wearing only his boxer shorts and socks -- leaving his wallet and ID behind. Didn't take long for cops to find him. (As the Bee so elegantly put it -- you could say cops *linked* him to the crime.)

"I tell you, this was one weird case," Fresno Lt. Ian Burrimond said.

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Intruder assaults with a sausuge, spice rub

Rubs Sometimes, a story comes along that leaves you speechless.

Today is that day.

Imagine this: You're asleep in your home in the middle of the night.

Suddenly, you're awaken to a stranger rubbing you down -- and, God, what's the smell? Paprika? Cayenne?

Meanwhile, your roommate down the hall has his own problems. The same intruder had just whacked him with an eight-inch sausage.

The assailant then flees your home, but he doesn't get far. Cops find him in a nearby field, wearing nothing but a T-shirt, undies and socks.

Stranger than fiction, this tale out of Fresno.

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