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Shoplifter's pants overfloweth

Cargo_pants If the Kmart security guard didn't notice Tina Yeakey was stealing from his store, he should have been fired.

But, the astute guard detained Yeakey on suspicion of shoplifting and called the cops.

Inside her purse, Yeakey had stashed two dental kits, a bottle of cologne, a toy car, 12 packs of Ponds facial strips, a bottle of antifungal cream, two fingernail kits and two bottles of foundation.

But that's not all, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana. When cops said they'd have to pat her down, Yeakey unbuttoned her pants. Stuffed inside: 10 DVDs, a PlayStation game, a pair of tube socks, two bras, two pairs of panties with the word "pouty" written on them, three pairs of boys underwear and two rings. 

Yeakey is being charged with felony theft.

*Thanks to C for the tip.


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Harvey Shepherd

That's quite a haul, and thankfully, she did not get away with it. Looking through the items, it does seem like it would have been impossible for anyone to not notice the stolen goods that she was trying to hide. Why would she do such an obvious thing?

Guy Cheadle

It was evident that Tina Yeakey got small items so she can easily fit and hide them in her pockets. It’s a good thing that someone was vigilantly monitoring the store at that time. If it wasn’t for the attentive guard, Yeakey would’ve probably gotten away with it. I hope they’ve got CCTV cameras in the store though, so that the areas that can’t be supervised by the guard will be kept tabs on by the security cameras.

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