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"We were robbed by f-in' O.J."

340correction_oj_simpsonsffstanda_2 O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial is underway in Las Vegas, and the theatrics are already in full force (Crime Scene will soon be there, reporting live).

Memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong had chest pains on the witness stand, delaying his testimony while paramedics attended to him. The judge has scolded lawyers and cops alike during the proceedings.

And the biggest thing to come out yet: A 202-page transcript of secret recordings made by Thomas Riccio, a convicted felon who set up the Sept. 2007 confrontation at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino and then sold portions of the tape to TMZ.com. (Scroll down to "Documents" on the link above for the transcripts.)

In the audio recording immediately after the alleged robbery, Fromong and Riccio are in the hotel room, and Fromong accuses Riccio of setting him up, then Fromong says,

"I guess we'll all have a good story to tell our f-ing grandkids. We were robbed by f-in' O.J."

The Courthouse News Service has a fuller review of the recordings, and the Associated Press has the latest from inside the courtroom.   

(Pool photo of Simpson and his Miami attorney, Yale Galanter.)


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