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Family cremates mom in backyard, cashes retirement checks

Back in January, it was the story of two New York men taking a cue from "Weekend at Bernie's," rolling a dead friend to a store to cash his social security check.

Tony_ray_3 Now, from California, comes the story of a woman and her son who cremated a family member using a backyard fire pit and then continued to cash her retirement checks.

Officials say Ramona Allmond, 84, probably died a natural death in December.

What followed was not.

Kathleen_2 After her death, her daughter, Kathleen Allmond, 50, and grandson, Tony Ray, 30, left her on the floor for a week and then cremated her in the backyard pit, the Associated Press reports. They put soil over top and then planted a tree.

(At left, a picture of Kathleen Allmond allegedly wearing a necklace made with a two-inch piece of her mother's skull. She also wore a beaded tiara to ward off radio waves, the story says.)

Said Sheriff's Capt. Paul Hosler: "It gets really weird when you have a piece of mom's skull hanging around your neck. I'm not aware of any religion that allows you to burn your family members in the backyard and collect their pension.''

The two apparently cashed more than $25,000 worth of her retirement checks. The charges include suspicion of embezzlement, elder abuse and disposing of a body without a permit, AP reports.

A sheriff's detective told the AP her wish may have been to die at home and be cremated.

Perhaps she should have been more specific.


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They don't even look normal. Could anyone expect them to behave like they are?

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