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Bitten jogger smart as a fox

Redfoxsleeping This story is making its way around the Internets today, and for good reason:

An Arizona woman ran one mile with a rabid fox's teeth locked into her arm.

The fox attacked the woman while she was out on a jog near Prescott. But the woman kept her wits about her -- she decided it'd be best to keep the fox around so it could be tested for rabies. So she grabbed it by the neck and ran with it to her car, parked a mile away, while the fox was still biting her arm.

She pried the fox off her arm and tossed it in the trunk of her car. She drove herself to the hospital, and the fox then bit an animal-control officer who tried to capture it.

Turns out, the fox did have rabies. Both the jogger and the animal-control officer are undergoing treatment, police said. 

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Priest, nuns in bar brawl

The Daily Telegraph has details on this unholy exchange involving two nuns, a priest, a chair and "unrepeatable'' insults.

It started as a lease disagreement at a restaurant space owned by a Catholic church and ended up in a "saloon brawl,'' the paper reports.

The priest allegedly smashed a chair over the restaurant owners head while the nuns kicked the man in the stomach.

There were apparently also some tables involved in the fight at the restaurant in southern Italy.

The clergy lawyer Gaetano Di Vietri had this to say: "I would only say that the two nuns have a combined age of about 160. For the rest, it will be up to the magistrate to clear up, but the clergy members deny the allegations.''

The restaurant owner tells the paper a different story: "I came down to try to calm things down but the priest hit me with a chair and I ended up on the floor. Then the two sisters started kicking me, insulting me with unrepeatable words.''

Sorry, we couldn't find any pictures.

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