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Crime scenes at Chuck E. Cheese

Obcu218_chuck_d_20081208181637 Did you know Chuck E. Cheeses can be more dangerous than a biker bar that's run out of Jack?

The Wall Street Journal took a good, hard look at crime reports in Wisconsin and across the country and found that police are being called with increasing frequency to the ball pits and birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese.

Experts blame it on something called "mama-bear instinct," where parents tend to get hyper-protective of their kids, along with the sometimes lethal combo of alcohol and Skee-ball.

The article mentions a recent incident at a CEC outside Harrisburg, Pa., where a woman told a boy to "stop hogging" an arcade game and took his tokens out of his hands. The boy's mother allegedly grabbed this woman by the throat and slammed her against the game machine.

I used the Herald's Data Sleuth to see if Miami-Dade's Chuck E. Cheeses have been the sites of recent police activity, but I couldn't find much. Perhaps South Floridians are just better behaved than the rest of the country.


*Thanks to Jeremy for the tip.      


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