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Man defends castle with fox pee

Fox3 Meddling teenagers, take note: Scott Wagar in Willmar, Minn., doesn't mess around.

Wagar, apparently fed up that a bunch of kids kept toilet-papering his house under the cover of darkness, decided to strike back.

He bought himself some night-vision goggles, filled a squirt gun with fox urine (!!! go ahead, read it again) and waited for his prey.

Soon, he spotted 10 to 15 kids running toward his home. He yelled at 'em, cursed at 'em, then opened fire with a steady stream of fox pee.

But who's laughing now? Cops arrested Wagar and charged him with assault.

*Thanks to Crime Scenester Jen for the tip.


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At least it wasn't a wolf...in the attic.

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