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'Hello, 911? Wait while I buy drugs'

Ap_911_call_070705_mn Alejandro Melendez could be a walking PSA for how drugs can scramble your brain.

Police say the Cleveland man called 911 on Saturday night to say two men with guns were spying on him, then he hung up.

The 911 dispatcher called back Melendez's cellphone, and Melendez picked up and asked the dispatcher to hold on. This what the dispatcher heard someone else say to Melendez:

"What you need, a 10-pack? You need a 10-pack? All right." (A 10-pack is slang for a bundle of heroin with a street value around $800-$1,200.)

The 911 center sent police to Melendez's location, where they found crack in his pocket and arrested him.


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Uncle Ash

"A 10-pack is slang for a bundle of heroin with a street value around $800-$1,200."

one zero too many? see:

"iHerald crime reporters" ... another name for an "intern"?
(who have been paying $800/1,000 a bundle?!)

Sea Pig

Oh my god, I love these inflated numbers. A bundle of heroin is NOWHERE NEAR that price. $80 - $100 is more like it. Wow.

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