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Cop involved in two car crashes


The city of Miami police officer's name: Sarah-Anne Hoyle, 24. The department suspended her with pay (she makes $50,000 a year) after she crashed a police car earlier this week.

The officer was wearing high-heels and skinny jeans at 4:30 a.m.

It turns out Hoyle has a thing for crashing police cars -- Miami Herald Staff Robert Samuels has the story.

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Man has sex with dozens of corpses

Image_8510237 A man is being prosecuted for having sex with a corpse, sex with violently mutilated or damaged bodies, sex with dozens of bodies.

Kenneth Douglas had been working at a Cincinnati morgue for 16 years. He is also being accused of having sex with the body of a woman who was six months pregnant when she was killed.

The woman's disturbed family was shocked to find that she couldnt even have peace in death.

 Abuse of a corpse - specifically having sex with a corpse - could lead to one to five years in prison.

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Strict diet angered 'Dark Prince of Hip-Hop'


Detention officers forced DMX to a bread and water diet that maybe not even a model with an eating disorder would have been able to stand.ALeqM5gOPTCuzg6-nQIEPiVtK7_48jZBXw

So when a detention officer busted the hungry rapper for trying to break the diet, DMX threw a food tray at him.

The tantrum will likely extend DMXs' stay in jail. But being behind bars is DMX's lifestyle. 

I can't even tell you how many times I have seen that headline -- DMX arrested again.

 In his own words: "Now who ain't going home? Looks like you."

In a Rolling Stone piece titled The Dark Prince of Hip-Hop DMX said jail didn't scare him, because he had been constantly institutionalized from ages seven to fourteen in homes for troubled boys in upstate New York."

His Crime Story is irreverent and crude.

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Slangin' weed at the drive-thru

454225507_5c832723b8 This kind of story really makes you think David Simon picked the right city for the backdrop of The Wire.

Cops in Baltimore got a tip Douglas Brice, 27, was selling weed at a local McDonald's drive-thru.

Sure enough, the cops went to investigate and said Brice sold 'em pot when they asked for it with their Quarter Pounders.

Thanks to MenuPages Blog for the tip.

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Chalie Simon, accused ball-grabber

0224092assault1 Nineteen-year-old Colorado State University sophomore Chalie Simon, left, was arrested last weekend after squeezing her ex-boyfriend's testicles hard enough to warrant assault charges.

The 4 a.m. incident reportedly happened after Simon went over to Job Donker's apartment, angry at him for not texting her as he promised to do, and then finding out he had another woman in his bed.

Donker tried to get her to leave, but that's when the alleged ball-grabbing happened.

The Smoking Gun has the full story, along with the police report.

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Police departments in Twitterverse

Police departments are increasingly joining online networking sites and they are now on Twitter.

For those not familiar with Twitter, it is an online tool that allows users to post short updates and find out what others are doing.  

Some of the updates (also known as tweets) range from an arrest for urinating in public from Boston Police to more formal employment announcements from Kennesaw Police.

Police departments in Florida with Twitter accounts include Boyton Beach,  Naples and Boca Raton police. 

Here is a good Twitter Guide for Newbies in case you care to join their Twitterverse.  

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Police officer hits a parked car, stumbles out in high-heels

A city of Miami police officer driving a marked car Wednesday crashed into a parked car in Brickell.

Witnesses told a Miami Herald freelancer, the police officer stopped after the vehicle lost the front left tire. She then stumbled out of the car about 4:30 a.m.

When fellow police officers arrrived, they gave her a jacket, food, and hours later a breathylizer test. No one was hurt in the crash.  

But here is a question I wish that officer could answer:  Where was she going or coming from that required dark blue skinny jeans and plaid green high-heels?

Miami Herald Staff  Jose Pagliery, Jennifer Lebovich and Tim Chapman have the story.Police_officer

An unidentified city of Miami police officer stands next to the marked car she was driving after she crashed into a parked car in downtown Miami on Wednesday morning. Freelance photo by Raul Torres

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Parents gone wild: Man stabs son for wearing hat to church

We will gladly leave the loving parenting tips to MomsMiami.com, and move on to another subject -- parents gone wild.

Police are looking for a father who stabbed his 19-year-old son in the left buttock for wearing a hat to church.

I have a question for that father: What is worse, stabbing some one near a church or wearing a hat to church? I am sure he is thinking about that now. The Baltimore Sun has the story.

Watch some more parents go wild on tape: 

Surveillance cameras in a McDonalds captured video of a father punching a woman in front of their kids. 

You think that's crazy? Put a couple of those together in a PTA meeting and watch the explosion: They try to kill each other with what ever they can find.    

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Sexual appetite gets judge in trouble

After many public denials, U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent admitted today he tried to force his former case manager and his secretary into unwanted sex acts. From the looks of this photo below, this former arbiter of justice had a bad, bad day.  Read the story here. 

Judge On Trial TXHOU101

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DNA sample helps build a facial image

A recent Forensic Science breakthrough is making DNA evidence found at crime scenes even more useful.

The new process is called Molecular Photofitting. It requires an analysis of a collection of genes that define facial features, so a special computer system can process the data and generate an image.

Police photo of Derrick Todd Lee Computer generated police image The technology is already helping detectives solve cases, and it is being attributed to the arrest and conviction of the Baton Rouge serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee. 

 The Federal Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice funds forensic DNA research and development through government grants.

In hopes of making this technology more effective, Pennsylvania State University biological anthropologist Mark D. Shriver and his team are focusing on genetic analysis and three-dimensional facial mapping techniques.

For the total geek: The GenomeWeb News has more on Shriver's genetic studies.

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