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Man has sex with dozens of corpses

Image_8510237 A man is being prosecuted for having sex with a corpse, sex with violently mutilated or damaged bodies, sex with dozens of bodies.

Kenneth Douglas had been working at a Cincinnati morgue for 16 years. He is also being accused of having sex with the body of a woman who was six months pregnant when she was killed.

The woman's disturbed family was shocked to find that she couldnt even have peace in death.

 Abuse of a corpse - specifically having sex with a corpse - could lead to one to five years in prison.


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this man should be locked up for life...rape is rape is rape...a sicko man for sure..


I hope he is not married because he is ill and if he is married if i were his wife i would run run fast . he should be a shame of himself.




That's very disturbing that he would do that. Thats just f**king sick! He cant get no p**sy thats why he would do that. He should go and pick up a prstitute if he want some that bad!!!!!!


now what happens when he gets out and starts killing off women to satisfy his sick and twisted needs.....put this monster away forever!


yikes,.,,,could there be any more phycopathetik fetishes that could release one's disires to get off...what if she was alive,would he do the same,
the power of domination,,,one's capibalities of not thnking or knowing he is already doing something wrong but still does it anyways because4 they probably think that *well,,im not ganna get caight,,,its a disease that overpowers there minds,.
i think thats pathetik/

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