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Obama's graffiti artist gets arrested


For some, this graffiti artist is one of the most important pop artists of our times. For others, he is a vandal with a criminal record that includes at least a dozen arrests.

BARACK-hope-POSTERRemember the Obama Hope Poster? It's creator is Shepard Fairey. He usually omits his first name.

You still don't remember him? Boston police does: They arrested him again on Friday while he was on his way to an event where he was the star.

Fairey is also facing the Associated Press on allegations of copyright infrigement on the memorable Obama poster.

Graffiti haters around the world think his "Andre the Giant has a Posse"  stenciled icon is a nightmare.

18 Any one can buy an "Andre the Giant" stencil. The meaningless symbol has reached streets in Paris, abandoned buildings in Brazil and T-shirts on skater kids closets in Japan.

What makes Fairey special is that he can create icons that spread around the world like viral stickers. For some the symbols are vandalism, for others it's art.

Watch a recent video of Fairey's admission: "I have more stuff up than any graffiti writer in Boston right now."


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Anyone that can make Oblahma look White is talented indeed. Except that this clown failed. We know what the first socialist President is. 4 years then we can get back on track- you leftys need to get off the kool-aid. The world is a mean and nasty place and talking nice to make folks like us just does not cut it. Respect through fear is what we need and Oblahma is not the guy for this.


Your kind would rather spew hate and forsake someone that has won the MAJORITY of the US population's support with ideas that will strengthen the country, aside from protecting, not raping our Constitution. Wake up. Obama IS President. How long do you really think this country would have survived under the Bush tyranny?


This report is off, he is getting arrested for vandalism for old graff pieces.

The trademark stuff are potential lawsuits.. but he didnt make any money off of it supposedly.


What is so scary about raftreker's spew is that he represents so many people that would rather see the efforts of a good, decent man who is trying to re-build America - to the more perfect union it was 8 years ago...the good thing is that raf and his ilk are now in the minority...a very small minority. Realizing that, as I hope you can, why not try to be part of the solution. Turn off the AM radio for a week...go to a park...breathe, think and throw those hate thoughts away. Yes, you can.


The Fairey images are excellent. The Obama Hope image is a sharp contrast to Bush. The Bush image would be of an idiot with a banana in his ear. Its sad but Republicans and their foolish ideas have wrecked our country.


it is sad that we as a country have had to take someone of this mans talent an place him in jail it kind of reminds me of the book burnings in nazi germany

Andrea Torres

Thank you CP127. It turns out he is suing AP, so I updated the blog entry.

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