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Out of lemonade? Don't call 911.

If you're wondering when not to call 911, here's a quickie guide from your friends at Crime Scene.

A Burger King not serving lemonade - not an emergency.

Jean Fortune, 66, learned that the hard way when he called the emergency number in Boynton Beach to say he was "unhappy with his order.'' He was charged with abuse of 911 communications. The arrest report referred to Fortune's plight as a "civil dilemma."

A store clerk refusing to sell beer because your intoxicated, might be a personal emergency, but not one for the cops.

Armando Merino called a 911 dispatcher in Zephyrhills after a clerk refused to sell him beer. He was "abusive'' to the dispatcher. (The clerk had already called 911 to report Merino.)

Merino was charged with disorderly conduct.

And last week, there was Alejandro Melendez, who called 911 to say two guys with guns were spying on him. 

The dispatcher called him back, and he forgot to hang up during a drug deal. The dispatcher sent police for his arrest.


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