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Police officer hits a parked car, stumbles out in high-heels

A city of Miami police officer driving a marked car Wednesday crashed into a parked car in Brickell.

Witnesses told a Miami Herald freelancer, the police officer stopped after the vehicle lost the front left tire. She then stumbled out of the car about 4:30 a.m.

When fellow police officers arrrived, they gave her a jacket, food, and hours later a breathylizer test. No one was hurt in the crash.  

But here is a question I wish that officer could answer:  Where was she going or coming from that required dark blue skinny jeans and plaid green high-heels?

Miami Herald Staff  Jose Pagliery, Jennifer Lebovich and Tim Chapman have the story.Police_officer

An unidentified city of Miami police officer stands next to the marked car she was driving after she crashed into a parked car in downtown Miami on Wednesday morning. Freelance photo by Raul Torres


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This just goes to show how scummy and corrupt Miami Police are. They can never get anything right.

Ever see them _try_ to direct traffic near the american airlines arena or by the opera theater? Complete mess.

This woman needs to be made an example of and shown that even police officers can be held accountable.


I can not believe this story is not n front page, it should be. I can not believe that City of Miami Police does this. What if this lady would of hit a vehicle where a father was with his three kids in the back seat, and the three kids died? I am in shock that the other officers helped her to sober up. The should be an embarrassment.

Frank Torres

I cannot believe the Miami Herald on two stories for two days straight this one included has quoted information posted on facebook is this a new style of journalism "THE LAZY WAY"

D. Rodriguez


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