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Strict diet angered 'Dark Prince of Hip-Hop'


Detention officers forced DMX to a bread and water diet that maybe not even a model with an eating disorder would have been able to stand.ALeqM5gOPTCuzg6-nQIEPiVtK7_48jZBXw

So when a detention officer busted the hungry rapper for trying to break the diet, DMX threw a food tray at him.

The tantrum will likely extend DMXs' stay in jail. But being behind bars is DMX's lifestyle. 

I can't even tell you how many times I have seen that headline -- DMX arrested again.

 In his own words: "Now who ain't going home? Looks like you."

In a Rolling Stone piece titled The Dark Prince of Hip-Hop DMX said jail didn't scare him, because he had been constantly institutionalized from ages seven to fourteen in homes for troubled boys in upstate New York."

His Crime Story is irreverent and crude.


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Alexandra Pegues

That Kate Moss comment was less than necessary and irrelevant. She needs to be left alone.

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