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Andre 3000 charged with driving over 100 mph

People_Andre_3000_NY108André Lauren Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000 of the hip hop duo Outkast, is free on bond after police charged him with driving 109 mph on a highway in suburban Atlanta.

Henry County police claims Benjamin, 33, was speeding in his Porsche in a 65-mph zone south of Atlanta about 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Benjamin is free on $1,200 bond pending a court date April 29. Here is the report.

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The real Charlie Free

Hazen You may have read Sunday's story about Jack Hazen (left), a man who robbed a Pompano Beach 7-Eleven back in 1975, escaped from prison, then lived 32 years on the lam under the name Charles Danny Free until being caught again in 2008.

 He's being released today from Dade Correctional Institution in Florida City and will be paroled to Panama City, where he'll have a job and his wife and grown daughters will take care of him.

A colleague who read my story raised a good question: Has anyone ever tracked down the *real* Charles Danny Free, the man whose ID Hazen lifted in order to start his second life? 

A few keystrokes later, I found Charles Danny Free, 63, a nice Southern gentleman living in his hometown of Anderson, S.C. He picked up on the second ring. 

 "I lost my driver's license, and several people used it as their own," he said, explaining he had never been to Jacksonville, where Hazen said he picked up Free's ID at a motel.

Hazen's quiet life as Charlie Free in Las Vegas turned out to be the least of the real Free's problems. Free was a truck driver, and he got fired from two jobs because other people who stole his identity racked up several DUIs.

"It took several weeks to clear that up, but by then they had taken my truck away from me," Free said.

He didn't seem too impressed by Hazen's double life.

"What he did doesn't concern me," Free said.

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Police report: ShamWow guy punched prostitute

Untitled-2 Vince Schlomi, the ShamWow guy, was arrested in South Beach after punching a prostitute at the Setai last month, the Smoking Gun is reporting.

The police report said Vince punched the prostitute in the face several times after she allegedly "bit his tongue and wouldn't let go."  He allegedly paid $1,000  for "straight sex."


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Romero Brito gets a DUI in Miami Beach

Painter and sculptor Romero Britto was driving his 2001 Bentley while drunk in Miami Beach, police said.


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Rapper T.I. sentenced to a year

A judge sentenced Rapper T.I. to one year and a day behind bars on federal weapons charges on Friday.



Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

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No truth to Wal-Mart gang initiation rumors

Local police agencies say there's no evidence to support a rampant rumor circulating over text messages and the Internet that a gang is planning an attack at a South Florida Wal-Mart.   

"There's nothing to indicate this is rooted in fact,'' said Detective Rebeca Perez, a Miami-Dade police spokeswoman.  

The Broward Sheriff's Office called the threat a "long running hoax.''

BSO, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the Miami-Dade Police Department and Tallahassee police îîhave found no credible information to substantiate this threat,'' the PBSO said in a news release.

Dan Fogleman, a Wal-Mart spokesman said the company is taking extra precautions in light of the messages circulating.

"While we take these situations seriously, we regard this as only a rumor much like similar rumors that have circulated via e-mail in previous years,'' he said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the term "walmart gang initiation'' was one of the top searches on Google.

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Florida man loves T-shirt irony

0316093marriage1 Brad Gellert, left, probably didn't know the day he picked to wear his "I [Heart] My Marriage" shirt was also the day he'd get popped on domestic-abuse charges.

Gellert, 32, of Hillsborough County, allegedly tried to strangle his wife during an argument at their home Sunday night.

The Smoking Gun notes that Gellert's shirt was a promotional item from a recent Christian-themed film starring evangelical actor and former Growing Pains wunderkind Kirk Cameron.

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Young girl facing jail rescued by a 'guardian angel'

Miami Herald Staff Nicholas Spangler has the story.

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Miami's young socialites explore the 'art of murder'

Some actors like to impersonate morbid reality.

The following videos are enacted crime scenes at a nightclub in South Beach. Do not click on play if you get easily scandalized. These are rated R.

Warning: Most of them contain partygoers' indecent displays of partial nudity and graphic content (fake blood).

BLACK SUNDAY- SPAGHETTI ALLA DEATH from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.
ART OF MURDER vs SLOPPY SECONDS (2.14.09) from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.
BLACK SUNDAY- DIRTY MUTHA from Alexis Mincolla on Vimeo.

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Graffiti writer 'HERT' arrested

Police accuse Ian Debeer, 21, also allegedly known as graffiti writer HERT, of causing $212,000 in damages in Pittsburgh.

Police said they had confiscated a total of $3,000 worth of spray paint cans, respirators, bags of custom-designed nozzles and books about graffiti from Debeer's apartment.

Authorities are increasingly using postings on MySpace and Facebook to track down alleged graffiti vandals.

But graffiti writers are also getting more creative. Writer RIZE in Danbury is using acidic solutions such as "Etch Bath" and "Armor Etch-All" to corrode glass so his tag appears as a milky-white stain on windows and doors.

Not at war in Sacramento, a business association is allowing graffiti writers to paint on certain walls this weekend.

 "People doing tagging are just people fighting anonymity," said a former Sacramento councilman.

For other trouble youth according to this Chicago report pursuing graffiti is an opportunity to stay away from engaging in more severe crimes. As my grandmother would say: "Esta complicada la cosa."

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