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Lindsay Lohan has pending arrest warrant


Police said on Saturday that if Lindsay Lohan, 22, comes in contact with police, she is subject to arrest.

She has a pending warrant stemming from a 2007 DUI conviction, People.com is reporting.

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Man impersonated cop, extorted money

Authorities said Saturday that 44-year-old Raul Eiseman had tricked a man into making weekly payments for a year by saying he was a police officer.

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Cops: Man killed his girlfriend in quarrel over beer

If this guy suffers from blackouts when he drinks, he was in for one hell of a surprise.

Robert Conde, 41, beat up his girlfriend Ruth Ann Trueblood to death because she wouldn't let him keep on drinking.

When his drunken rage was done, police say Conde attempted to have sex with her bloody body but couldn't. He covered the body with a blanket and fell asleep next to her.

Miami Herald Staff David Smiley has the story.

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Did Phoenix really attack a party goer?


Actor Joaquin Phoenix dove into a crowd of hecklers during his performance as a rapper on Thursday morning at the Fontainebleau Hotel's club LIV in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach police did not make any arrests. But was it artist's rage or publicity staged?

While on stage Phoenix said "I've got millions of dollars in my f*&** bank account. What do you got?" Then he proceeded to attack the heckler. Dozens of security guards pounced on the scuffle, as party goers jumped out of the way, witnesses told Crime Scene.

Joaquin-phoenix-b_0 One of the event's hosts Alexis Mincolla said he thinks it may have been an act.

"The film crew he had with him seems like an act to me," said Mincolla. "Casey Affleck is working on a documentary" about Phoenix's career shift.

Affleck is Ben Affleck's brother and Phoenix's brother-in-law. 

Witnesses at LIV on Thursday morning may have criticized Phoenix's rapping skills, but his acting skills are still superb.

This is not the first time Phoenix abruptly leaves the stage. Watch him fall off stage during a performance at a club in Las Vegas on January.

You may be able to catch more Phoenix drama tonight -- He and Demi Moore are set to attend an after party for the Miami International Film Festival at Bella Rose, 423 16th St., in South Beach.

Click here to view the invitation: 7


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5 human heads found in coolers

Mexican detectives are looking for five bodies after they found several coolers with five heads inside.

The heads were covered with tape. Each head had a threatening message aimed at drug traffickers.

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Arrested minister: Let my people go

Image_8521008 A minister who was running for Belle Glade city commission got arrested Tuesday night outside a polling place, where he allegedly swung a baseball bat at a woman.

Police and witnesses said the Rev. James Richard Harris (who wound up losing the election, btw) got angry at the woman for "talking to my people" in the polling site's parking lot.

He then said he was "going to crack me some heads," and swung a bat within five feet of the woman's face, according to this Palm Beach Post report. Harris was booked on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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Police investigate strip club for two years

The details of an investigation involving sexy nudity and the arrest of 16 dancers are unclear.

It took police two-years to figure out prostitution was going on inside a strip club. How this was done was not made public.

Miami Herald Staff Diana Moskovitz has the story.

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A bad example after school fight

Fists were flying during lunch on Monday at Charles Drew Middle School. To discipline the students, teachers called for family backup. It turned out to be a bad idea.

The upset relatives needed some punishing of their own, after police were  forced to arrest them for running inside the school to beat up a student involved in the fight. Talk about giving your kids a bad example. Miami Herald Staff Jennifer Lebovich has the story.

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DUI punishment: NBA star gets private tent

Former NBA star Charles Barkley began serving his three-day sentence (really about 40 hours after his original 10 day sentence was reduced) on a drunken-driving charge at Maricopa County's Tent City in Phoenix on Saturday.

In this correctional facility inmates are forced to wear pink underwear.  Already there have been many exceptions for Barkley, so whether he is following that requirement or not is yet to be known. 

On Saturday during a press conference, he did not wear the black and white striped suit with the fashionable pink accessory.  Instead, he wore spiderman's colors and sat next to his friend the so called "Toughest Sheriff in America"

Barkley happens to have endorsed the book where Maricopa's sheriff gives himself that title.

Barkley will get a 12 hour break on Sunday and will sleep in a private tent.




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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz deal drugs

J.K.: The celebrity couple is NOT really dealing drugs. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are playing a drug-dealing couple on an episode of 'CSI: NY' airing March 18. Here is a preview:

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