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Police report: ShamWow guy punched prostitute

Untitled-2 Vince Schlomi, the ShamWow guy, was arrested in South Beach after punching a prostitute at the Setai last month, the Smoking Gun is reporting.

The police report said Vince punched the prostitute in the face several times after she allegedly "bit his tongue and wouldn't let go."  He allegedly paid $1,000  for "straight sex."



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How embarrassing would it have been if he had been wearing a Slanket at the time of arrest?


Wow, he sure got Shammed..

Billie Mays



Beware of cheap imitations!

Watch me soak this pool of blood right up out of the carpet. It's like a magnetic sponge.

Are you getting this, camera guy?

B.L. Zeebub

Not the Sham-Wow guy! The world is indeed spinning out of control.

The next thing you know, we'll all elect a fascist. He'll scam a trillion dollars from the people, and take control of our industries!!!

jt tomlinson

Why he get arrested for buy sex or punching her its self defence

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