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Cop confessed to molesting 7-year-old girl


Although I would prefer profanity, there is one word in Spanish that may help describe Bal Harbour police officer Rene Guillen: DESGRACIADO. Here is why.


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Bal Harbour POLICE CHIEF TOM HUNKER actually defended this admitted child molester and said NOTHING about the innocent victim!
"He has never been disciplined by the Bal Harbour Police Department"' Bal Harbour Police Chief Thomas E. Hunker told the Miami Herald. "He's done a great job."
Is this Police Chief Hunker proud of this child molester?


Has Bal Harbour Police Chief resigend yet over his disgusting treatment of a 7 yr old rape victim?

Disgusted at Police Chief

Is Chief Tom Hunker still defending this confessed child molester?

Max Silver

That Department may still have a bad apple that will eventually be revealed. Citizens of Bal Harbour request the file on hirees and you will find that they may have been fired from somewhere else.


Is Chief Tom Hunker STILL defending this convicted child molester? Tom Hunker must have many connections at the DAs office


Chief Tom Hunker just arrested an INNOCENT man for attempted murder yet he still defends this ADMITTED child molester?


Im still waiting for the investigation on as to why Chief Tom Hunker covered up a sexual molestation of an 18 month old child in the summer of 2007, according to police officers that are afraid to report Tom Hunker. Plus, Hunker is personal friends with the State Attorney Rundle-Fernanadez. Word from the police is that the child was in a city day care and the son of a city employeee molested her. The parents, according to police, lived in Aventura, and Chief Hunker ORDERED the officers in the investigation, to keep quiet.


Why hasnt Tom Hunker been investigated for this alledged corrpution? Is it because the Miami state attorneys office is protecting Hunker?

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