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Hey dude! There is cocaine in your Red Bull

REDBULL Fellow adrenaline junkies, Red Bull Anonymous meetings may get crowded in South Beach.

Austria's health ministry said traces of cocaine have been found in samples of Red Bull Cola energy drinks.

Health officials claim the drink contains 0.4 micrograms of cocaine per liter -- making the hypercaffeinated drink a narcotic under German law.

Forbes is reporting, the Food and Drug Administration of Jordan and lawmakers in Germany are banning the sale of Red Bull.

Executives at Red Bull (who also promote extreme sports) said the drink is safe and the "de-cocainized" coca leaf extract is used as flavoring. The company is getting ready to launch a powerful Energy Shot. The amount of micrograms for liter in the formula has yet to be announced.

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Caught on tape: Officer accused of brutality

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Cop confessed to molesting 7-year-old girl


Although I would prefer profanity, there is one word in Spanish that may help describe Bal Harbour police officer Rene Guillen: DESGRACIADO. Here is why.

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Cop fatally shot off-duty officer


NYPD officer Omar J. Edwards, 25, a father of two, died after a fellow police officer shot him dead in Harlem on Thursday night.

According to a New York Times report, Edwards was not wearing his uniform when he saw Miguel Santiago was breaking into his car, and began to chase Santiago down the street.

Three uniformed officers in a marked car saw an armed Edwards running after another man, and began a pursuit. 

The officer thought Edwards was the bad guy and shot him in the chest and arm. He died while wearing a police academy T-shirt. His badge was in his pocket.

Officer Edwards was black; the officer who shot him was white. The New York Times has the story.

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Blood drive honors cop injured

47103761 Coral Springs Police Department will hold a blood drive Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m at Mullins Park, 10000 NW 29th St., in honor of 27-year-old Officer Paul Kempinski.

Kempinksi was shot on Saturday and is recovering at North Broward Medical Center. Here is the story.

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Cigarette bandit wore beer carton as disguise


Police in Nebraska are looking for a man who used an empty box of Bud Light over his head to disguise his identity, while he appeared armed.

His mission was to steal as many packs of cigarettes as he could. He took nine and dropped his disguise on the way out. Here is the story. 

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Got milk? Marijuana 'gateway' theory doesn't

4535_Milk_BarbaraMori_StdSi Forget the pot. Got milk?

FBI director Robert Mueller had to keep a straight face after a congressman brought up milk during a very serious discussion about the war against drugs.

"They (drug addicts) probably started of with milk," said Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen as he explained why he did not believe marijuana is a gateway drug.

"They probably started of with milk, and then they went to beer, and then they went to bourbon, and then to marijuana," said Cohen."The gateway theory doesn't work."

Mueller said that most parents who have lost their childrens' lives to drugs would disagree.

In a world where Cohen's logic works: I wonder if any of these people liked milk?

- Student gets caught selling pot during class

- Carjacking tied to medical marijuana robbery

There is no business like gros business

- Recovering addict shares his story of hope  

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Murder at Harvard was drug related

The district attorney said  murder victim Justin Cosby, 21, had been selling drugs to students at Harvard.

Drug use is a current problem in and around the Ivy League campus, said the district attorney who graduated from Harvard in 1985. Here is the Boston Globe story.

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Verizon obstructs manhunt over $20

A Verizon operator refused to help police officers use a cell phone signal to locate a man police deemed as a danger to himself and others.

The Verizon operator said the man was behind on his phone bill and refused to connect the signal unless the sheriff’s department agreed to pay the $20 due. Here is the story.

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Boy, 6, takes wheel after dad passes out


Police are calling a six-year-old boy a hero, after they caught him driving a Chevy Avalanche.

Little Tustin took control of the car after his dad fainted. The little hero managed to park the car on the side of the road and calm his three-year-old brother until a police officer arrived. Here is the story.

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