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NYPD: Plot to bomb synagogues foiled

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Mother arrested in boy's death

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Police officers fired after brutal beating

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Model sues top agency, alleges sexual battery

MODELMUG Former Miss British Columbia Claire Robinson alleges International Creative Management agent Jack Gilardi sexually exploited her.

Robinson claims she was a victim of sexual harassment and that a talent manager raped her, while Gilardi accepted bribes -- in the form of cash and gold watches.

Robinson's attorneys filed a class lawsuit and are hoping to find more women who may have been victimized. Here is the story.

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Convicted priest asks for house arrest


An 81-year-old Florida clergyman convicted of stealing from St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Delray Beach wants house arrest. Here is the story.

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Sensitive data missing from National Archives

A National Archives computer hard drive containing massive amounts of sensitive data is missing.

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Arrest ordered for mom of boy resisting chemo


Authorities nationwide are on the lookout for a mother and her cancer-stricken son Daniel, 13, who fled after refusing chemotherapy.

Against the court's concent, Daniel's mother Colleen Hauser is opting for "alternative medicines" offered by the Nemenhah Band, a Missouri-based religious group that believes in Native American healing methods. 

 Here is the story. 

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Rapper Dolla killed in mall shooting


Roderick Anthony Burton II, 21, also known as Rapper Dolla, was shot dead while he was waiting for his car at a valet stand in a mall. 

His friend D.J. Shabazz witnessed his death. Police arrested Aubrey Louis Berry, 23, on Monday night.  Here is the story.


Members of the LAPD investigate the scene Monday afternoon where Dolla was reportedly fatally shot near a valet stand outside the Beverly Center mall Center near West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  AP

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Police arrest Twitter user angered by slain attorney's YouTube videos

An e-revolution in Guatemala has politicians in power and prominent financiers in a panic. Just this week, Twitter got a man arrested and YouTube videos are giving a slain attorney a voice.

Guatemala_Lawyer_Killed_GUA It all began after gunmen shot a prominent attorney in the head while he was riding his bycicle weeks after two of his clients were killed. 

Just when every one thought the attorney had been silenced forever, videos of him appeared on YouTube.

In the videos, the attorney appeared like a haunting ghost naming the people who had orchestrated his death. The attorney accused the president, the first lady and two associates of planning his clients killings after they had declined to participate in a multimillion-dollar money-laundering scheme.

Jeanfer007 After watching the courageous attorney on YouTube, Twitter user @jeanfer, known as Jean Ramses Anleu Fernandez, sent a Tweet.

His Tweet in Spanish: @Jeanfer: Primera accion real "sacar el pisto de Banrural" quebrar al banco de los corruptos #escandalogt.

In the Tweet, Anleu Fernandez suggested his followers should withdraw money from a bank the attorney said was involved in the scheme. 

Prensa Libre reports that seven hours later police raided his home, took his computer and arrested him. The newspaper reported Anleu Fernandez is being accused of inciting panic and was fined $6,500.

Anleu Fernandez's blog and Twitter account have been shut down, but a video of his release on Friday is circulating on YouTube showing his first Tweet while still handcuffed.

In Guatemala the protests continue. Hundreds of Twitter users are re-tweeting his comment to protest the arrest and thousands are tagging their comments under "#escandalogt" to classify the subject.


Demonstrators protest against President Alvaro Colom at the central park in Guatemala City, Friday. Colom faces mounting opposition and calls for his dismissal due to the accusations made by a murdered lawyer who left a video accusing the president of ordering his killing. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)


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Failed robber eats evidence: banana 'gun'

Untitled 159_john-szwalla

John Szwalla, 17, pointed a banana at a store clerk and demanded money.

Men in the North Carolina store foiled the robbery and called 911, but John was able to eat the evidence before police arrived.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's office spokesman said deputies joked about charging Szwalla with destroying evidence and took a picture of the banana peel.

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