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Drama, drama, drama

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Father: I sang while I killed my kids and wife


Police released the disturbing 911 call that Michael Miller, 29, made to tell the dispatcher that he had just stabbed his wife and two children while singing.

I am not myself," says Miller during the 911 call.  "I'm... I am... I'm possessed."

 Here is the audio and the story.

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Cops: Politician cited for public drunkenness

Police in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley say an elected official passed out drunk at a public meeting and was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Here is the story.

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Police arrest 14 in child porn crackdown

Police in Italy arrested 14 people and seized 800 computers and 40,000 CDs, DVDs and flash drives that contained cruel and graphic images of violence and torture against children -- sometimes involving animals.

Some of the children involved were a little older than infants. Here is the story.

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South Beach is no tropical paradise for cops

South Beach is a hot place. Not just because it is cool, or sexy, or because it makes you sweat, but because it is dangerous.

My apologies to Tourism and Convention Director Michael Aller, better known as Mr. Miami Beach. But no tourist should ever be surprised. South Beach is not exactly a "tropical paradise."

Edna Buchanan once said the wail of a siren is a familiar sound in Miami Beach. Like an inferno, it has remained for decades a refuge for people who want to be bad.

Miami Beach police officers have shot two men dead this week. Both shootings are still under  investigation. One officer was unlucky enough to be involved in both.

One of the man shot dead was a tourist who had been walking on Washington Avenue. Husien Shehada, a 29-year-old Palestinian American visiting from Virginia. Police said officers were responding to allegations that a man was walking around the area armed. Witnesses said Shehada was not armed.

The other man who was shot dead stole a taxi. He then drove the wrong way on the MacArthur Causeway until he crashed near the Fisher Island terminal -- also where an NFL player recently killed a pedestrian while driving drunk.

The crazed man exited the taxi, and shot at police as he tried to flee, but did not survive. 

Dozens of drivers who witnessed the chaos were detained and forced to abandon their vehicles after the man was shot on Thursday night. Hundreds trying to get to South Beach on Friday morning were stuck, while detectives continued their investigation.

The Miami Beach police department building is in the the middle of the SoBe madness.

On Ocean Drive (where Gianni Versace was killed) the homeless, some with pending warrants, survive on the restaurants' leftovers. They hide in the smelly alleys, the park, and the beach.

On Washington Avenue (where a bouncer was stabbed to death while trying to stop a fight) people from all over the world abuse alcohol and drugs. Prostitutes blend in in with sexy clad partiers struggling to walk in six inch high heels, and with undercover cops trying to catch the lustful.

The place is hot. And no one can deny that -- not even Mr. Miami Beach.

Click here to read more about the shootings investigation and watch surveillance video of one of the shootings.

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Taxpayers paid cops to guard strip club

Usually strip clubs pay off-duty officers to provide security, but that is not the case in North Miami Beach.

For close to a month, North Miami Beach taxpayers paid off-duty police to guard the Diamond's Cabaret -- all because the strip club didn't maintain an escrow account, according to the City Council.

Miami Herald Staff Jose Pagliery has the story.

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Rabbit obsession gets woman arrested again

0f8c1dee-0aa8-4bdf-b260-74a64f7f6fa2_preview Every one loves a cute little rabbit, but Miriam Sakewit just can't have enough.

And she appears to want her furry little friends more than she wants her freedom.

Police say her obsession got her arrested in 2007. She had 250 of them in degradable conditions.

This time police said they had to break into a hotel room, where she had been hiding with at least a dozen smelly ones.

Here is the story.

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Cocaine hidden inside sharks


The Mexican Navy is reporting that officials detected a shipment of cocaine that was allegedly hidden inside the carcasses of these frozen sharks aboard a freight ship at the Gulf coast port of Progreso.

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FBI: Detective tipped off drug kingpin

Philadelphia police detective Rickie Durham is accused of tipping off a drug kingpin about a raid through a mutual friend, former NBA player Jerome "Pooh" Richardson. Here is the story.

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Military finds one of Mexico's largest meth labs


Mexican authorities found a methamphetamine lab near Culiacan, Mexico that had enough ephedrine to produce more than 40 tons of the drug. Here is the story.

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