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Deputy bragged about Punishment on Facebook

Image_8614291 Sgt. Brent Raban, who was one of three Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies recently demoted, may have been confusing reality at work with the comics he loved.

Raban told internal affairs investigators he was a big fan of Batman and The Punisher comic books.

To celebrate the character at work, Raban liked to wear a camouflage skullcap emblazoned with the word "PUNISHMENT!"

Raban also posted on his Facebook this phrase: "It's not crime fighting ... It's dealing out PUNISHMENT!"

Investigators also documented other alarming comments on his Facebook such as writing in one instance that he roughed up one suspect. "But like a good batterer," he added, "I know the areas that hide the marks well."

Palm Beach Post staff Michael Laforgia has the story.



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i happen to see ecently an old BILL COSBY tape over the weekend and there was this portion on children. "IF YOU HAVE ONE CHILD AND THIS CHILD IS IN IT'S ROOM (ALONE) AND YOU HEAR THE CHILD SAY "STOP TOUCHING ME" YOU TAKE THAT CHILD AWAY". this is a major lawsuit coming down the pike, no stop signs, caution lights, yield right of way signs. this guy got his lunch money taken and now it's payback time for him. i wonder how many of his arrests have people been "roughed up??????????????? this one didn't slip through the cracks, he fell through a hole. whomever is at the wheel take a couple of "no-doz".

Eggs Benedict

Just another idiot in law "enforcement". Where do they find these loonies? I guess we are not paying them enough, the need to have a 10 year retirment and take home a Cadillac instead of a squad car....maybe then we will have decent powleecemen. Until then remember - "Serve and Protect" means they serve and protect themselves, their perks and their benefits - not you or me.

Slap Chop

What an idiot! Did he think Facebook was anonymous?

Either way, he's getting dealt PUNISHMENT!

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