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Police officers accused of killing attorney


Before he was killed on Mother's Day, Guatemalan attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg left two YouTube videos.

"If you're watching this, it's because I was killed by the president,'' said Rosenberg in the first video.

Rosenberg was shot dead while riding his bycicle. Police were unable to find witnesses. It was scientific evidence that lead them to arrest 10 suspects. 

The trail of evidence: Surveillance video showed a tricked-out Mazda leaving the crime scene. Detectives identified the owner of the Mazda as William Gilberto Santos Divas and intercepted about 12,000 of his cellphone calls.

Six of the 10 suspects were current or former police officers. Santos is allegedly the ringleader of the band of suspected hitmen. Analysts told the Miami Herald the arrests serve as a reminder that organized crime and the police and military remain bedfellows in Guatemala.

Click here to watch the videos and read the story.


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