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Caught on tape: Guard points gun at students during arrest (profanity warning)

Several students at Florida Memorial University filmed Allied Barton security guards using a gun and sticks to intimidate students on Monday.

Students published the videos on the web and Wednesday a local TV station was broadcasting the images.

The videos show students standing close to a bathroom where at least five guards were holding a young man. About two dozen students feared the guards were beating him.

In frustration, a woman screamed: "Do something!" And a young man standing by the door replied: "They locked the door, what do you want me to do?"

Then an enraged guard abruptly opened the bathroom door and pushed a random student against the wall.

But the worst happened at minute 1:14, when another guard decided to pull out a gun and point it at the students.

New Times reported the student held in the bathroom was Emory Mitchell. 

After the guards escorted him out of the bathroom, Miami Gardens Police officers arrested Mitchell and charged him with battery.

The incident remains under investigation.


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First of all, let me say I am against police brutality whether Black or White. Did any of the students know what was going on in the bathroom? 2nd, security is there to protect and make sure things are under control. Young people today frighten EVERYONE and most people are not going to be pushed around by them. I think security used the gun just for a show of force and to make them get back. They were bum rushing them. It is quite interesting what camera phones are being used for nowadays. Young adults need to learn respect for authority. Brother man did not look like he was beaten to me. Again, the question is, what was he doing in the bathroom? Once that question is answered, then we can go from there.


i am glad that they have security on campus.
with the amount of murders going on arount the country on campus the students should be glad also.if you get raped mugged or need some one to walk to your dorm late night you call security.if Dr Thompson had no security parents and board members would be looking for someone's head .Students do the right thing,show your ID. campus should be safe, you should have to prove you belong on campus
stop whining just think you are not reporting that someone was killed but security worked.
now the young man has a record,and reduced his future employment all over being STUPID,he is already a black male why stack the deck against yourself who will hire a criminal even with a BS .finaly if you need finicial aid to go to school how can you pay for a lawyer.
why you didnt post you tube on Jason Taylor
affair .


Let me tell you ... They are really good at doing black on black crimes. I spent 4 years in this shet...and i could not graduate ..FMU no more ...now is FMUINV...because they got sued millions for using FMU..that school is curse and we all know that...most of the students that went there never graduate ...i spent 4 years in that school... and i regreted it ..i knew teachers like Miss Mc Kinney who just want her students to fail her classes so next semester ...the same classes could be re-open...and so that she could get paid for teaching that same class again. The FEDS should investigate that school. FMUNIV is a FRAUD FMUNIV=ACORN

early 2007 i drop out from the school ... and in june 2007 i started my own company with 1 employee and now the company has 3 employees


I heard some kid got shot on Obama's election night last year. Does anyone have a video of that?


The guard who pulled the gun, may face charged for... g-license prohibited such withdraw of his firearm without deadly force...may face 3 yrs in jail and there wasn't any deadly force during the incident... they used to much force, they should allow the police to handle the incident... they should only detent the student until police can investigate the scene

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