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Man arrested in death of his unborn child

Police arrested Joshua Woodward, 37, after an investigation revealed the "suspicious circumstances of a miscarriage." The fetus, believed to be his, was about 13 weeks old.

Detectives believe Woodward has ties to Miami. Here is the story.

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Man accused of abducting daughter's killer

Kalinka, 14, died in 1982 after she was injected with a toxic substance.

Cardiologist Dieter Krombach was accused of killing the teen in an attempt to rape her.

In 1995,  Krombach was sentenced to 15 years in jail for "deliberate violence leading to death without the intention of killing." In another case in 1997, Krombach was convicted of raping a female patient. Krombach was not present in the trial, because under french law in absentia cases are always retried if the defendant is arrested.

Krombach remained a fugitive until last week, when he appeared bound, gagged and with head injuries outside a French courtroom. Police are now accusing Kalinka's father, Andre Bamberski, 72, of abducting Krombach.

Here is the story.

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What would you do if a friend sexually abused your son?

Police said Manuel Vega, 27, acted as a "judge, jury and executioner''  after his 3-year-old son accused Luke Petruschke, 38, of fondling him.

The Sun Sentinel reported Vega met Petruschke about  two months ago and they became good friends. Petruscke had dinner with the Vega family and gained enough trust to spend the night at their house on Friday. The boy told his parents what Petruschke had done on Saturday morning.

Enraged with revenge, Vega and his friend Krish Carter, 43, nearly killed Petruschke with concrete blocks and rocks. When Vega was being arrested, he asked the officers, "That is my son, man. What would you do?'' 

Here is the story.

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Using 'black magic' to catch killers

U.S. forensic personnel assisiting Iraqi investigators with building a national data bank of DNA, based on blood, saliva, hair and other samples are facing some superstitious investigators and judges who believe dealing with biological evidence is practicing "black magic."AFP has the story.

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Burning weed is their job

In the thriving business of growing marijuana, October is harvest time. And officials in the top-producing countries -- the United States, Mexico, Paraguay and Morocco-- are on a mission to eradicate as many bushes a possible.

Meet Hugo de la Rosa, working in Mexico, and Wayne Hanson, in the U.S.

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Invisible kids

The pressures of the recession are pushing more children to run away from home. To survive in U.S. streets, some are selling drugs, panhandling or engaging in prostitution. Their main stress is to remain invisible to predators and police officers.

Predators are most certainly hunting them, but NYTimes reported federal data indicates that usually officers are not, either because parents have not reported them missing or the police have mishandled the reports.

Other troubling facts:

- Federal officials say homelessness over all is expected to rise 10 percent to 20 percent this year.

- Financially troubled states began sharply cutting social services last year.

- The $787 billion economic stimulus package includes $1.5 billion to address the problem of homelessness. Almost all of that money will go toward homeless families, not unaccompanied youths.

Read the NYTimes report and watch the video.

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Jelousy may have turned her into a hacker

Miami's single women can learn a thing or two from former Dolce & Gabbana publicist Ali Wise -- don't let romantic rivalry get you in trouble.

Wise confessed she used a SpoofCard, which can be purchased online for $5, to hack into interior decorator Nina Freudenberger's voicemail. That got her arrested and now she is facing up to four years in jail on computer trespass and eavesdropping charges.

This is the same technology Paris Hilton used to hack into Lindsay Lohan's voicemail in 2006. Wise happens to be friends with Lohan.

Now don't be getting any SpoofCard ideas! Girls tame your jelousy. It is one nasty beast.

The NYPost has the scoop on the blonds' catfight. 

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Gang member trying to do the right thing

In an interview with the New York Times Joshua Febres, 17, said he followed in his brother's steps and began to sell drugs at 13. 

"My brother was making money. He had clothes. He had sneakers," said Febres. "I wanted clothes and sneakers too, so I thought of it like by any means necessary."

He joined a gang called CRIPS (Community Revolution and Progress), and was arrested in 2006 for robbery and assault. A rehabilitation program changed his life and he is close to graduating from high school and plans to go to a college in Virginia. View the NYTimes Audio Slide Show.

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Gunman prays with clerk

Surveillance video shows a 23-year-old armed suspect got on his knees to pray with a clerk and hugged her during a robbery at the Advance America check-cashing's Indianapolis branch.

The clerk told police the man asked for her forgiveness, after she began to cry and talk about God. He told her he was desperate for money to feed his two-year-old child.

The two asked God to help him overcome his hardships. He removed the bullet from his gun and gave it to the clerk before taking $20 and her cell phone.

The Associated Press is reporting the struggling father surrendered Tuesday on a preliminary charge of robbery.

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Caught on tape: Guard points gun at students during arrest (profanity warning)

Several students at Florida Memorial University filmed Allied Barton security guards using a gun and sticks to intimidate students on Monday.

Students published the videos on the web and Wednesday a local TV station was broadcasting the images.

The videos show students standing close to a bathroom where at least five guards were holding a young man. About two dozen students feared the guards were beating him.

In frustration, a woman screamed: "Do something!" And a young man standing by the door replied: "They locked the door, what do you want me to do?"

Then an enraged guard abruptly opened the bathroom door and pushed a random student against the wall.

But the worst happened at minute 1:14, when another guard decided to pull out a gun and point it at the students.

New Times reported the student held in the bathroom was Emory Mitchell. 

After the guards escorted him out of the bathroom, Miami Gardens Police officers arrested Mitchell and charged him with battery.

The incident remains under investigation.

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