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What would you do if a friend sexually abused your son?

Police said Manuel Vega, 27, acted as a "judge, jury and executioner''  after his 3-year-old son accused Luke Petruschke, 38, of fondling him.

The Sun Sentinel reported Vega met Petruschke about  two months ago and they became good friends. Petruscke had dinner with the Vega family and gained enough trust to spend the night at their house on Friday. The boy told his parents what Petruschke had done on Saturday morning.

Enraged with revenge, Vega and his friend Krish Carter, 43, nearly killed Petruschke with concrete blocks and rocks. When Vega was being arrested, he asked the officers, "That is my son, man. What would you do?'' 

Here is the story.


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We would have succeeded !!!!!! we are disappointed that the Father didn't get it acomplished. Way to go Daddy!

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