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In gang members' to do list: Tweeting and Facebooking

Police said members of gangs such as the Crips, Bloods, Florencia 13, and MS-13  are increasingly becoming more tech-savvy.

Gangsters have been known to use chatrooms and MySpace, but now they are using Facebook and Twitter more often. They use the social network sites to brag about crimes, threaten rivals, and coordinate drug sales. And police officers are watching.

Detectives are not divulging if they are tracking IP's or how they are identifying the online alias, but their methods have proved successful in the courtroom. Read more.


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Jeff Tompkins

Gang members use Twitter "to brag about crimes, threaten rivals, coordinate drug sales", tell us what they had for breakfast and make thoughtful comments on issues of the day by typing "OMG!"


I like this news

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