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Super Bowl tourists, Dave Barry is not kidding

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Columnist Dave Barry gave tourists in Miami  for the Super Bowl some very useful tips that may not be taken seriously -- but they need to be.

Let's start with his mention of the fact that there is  a chance that you may bump into sharks while riding public transportation. Sandy L. Goodrich provided Dave with Exhibit -A. This is evidence that a live nurse shark was riding a Metromover near Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, July 20, 2009.

"We looked at him; he didn't really say anything, " Goodrich, a Miami legal secretary, said of the man clutching the shark. "I was just so freaked out about the shark on the floor."

Surveillance cameras in Overtown showed two  men -- one on a bike and the other on foot -- dragging it down Northwest North River Drive to fish markets in hopes of selling it for $10.

"It was full of flies, " Casablanca Fish Market owner Jorge Sanchez said. "It was still alive. It was dry ... I do buy shark ... not this kind of crazy stuff."

It is clear, Dave is not kidding, so read his column closely.  


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Jeff Tompkins

There's a joke here somewhere about sharks and sports agents, but I won't even mention the idea.

Ron Walters

Actually, it's not a shark, it's Jimmy Buffett having recently been expelled from Sunlife Stadium.


I <3 Dave Berry.


It is just a joke.

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