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Infamous psychic gets caught again

Police said Gina Marks, 37, went as far as convincing a woman that she had cancer, and charged her about $298,000 to remove an evil curse, cops said.

Marks also got the woman to do some very odd things. 

The Miami Herald's Adam Beasley has the story.


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"AGAIN?" Doesn't look like our justice system is doing a very good job with criminals like this who don't mind impoverishing elderly people. this woman needs to be given at least ten years in prison (preferrably "at hard labor" ... gee, whatever happened to the concept of "hard labor" in prison. Perhaps that concept should be revived as a deterrent to hardened criminals.)


You're right. The criminal justice system did nothing. She was on probation already from other scams. The family had to hire Private Investigator Bob Nygaard from Florida. He's all over the internet as a specialist in gypsy crimes. I guess that's the only way to get justice in Florida.

Psychic Medium

It sounds to me like Marks IS the evil curse that plagued this poor old woman.


It is amazing that someone would be this vulnerable to get taken advantage like this. But it is good that justice has been served.

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