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Photocop will get you paranoid

Your privacy may be going out the window. What privacy? Photocop is watching.

Imagine your cars' every move was stored as a public record. Imagine it could be used in your divorce case as circumstantial evidence of adultery.

Technology is progressing fast enough to make this possible.

The new and improved License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems are increasingly spreading to more police departments in the U.S.  

Palm Beach County has been using the system to follow gang members for years. Miami-Dade County has been using it to collect data and to identify hundreds of moving cars per minute. Here is a tutorial on how it works.

El-id11 The image-processing technology has been around since the late 90s. It is also known as (AVI) Automatic Vehicle Identification, (CPR) Car Plate Recognition (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and  (OCR) Optical Character Recognition. 

The portable security cameras can be purchased on the web for as low as $1,400. The LPR system can cost about $20,000. It requires invisible infra-red illumination, a frame grabber, a PC, a Dynamic Link Library, network boards, and access to a database.

The system, also used for private security, has also proven effective for Toll Violation Enforcement Systems, Parking Revenue Management, Traffic Monitoring, Security, Travel Time Reporting, Access Control and for gathering data.



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