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Video: Drunk driver hits drunk driver

A police officer was injured after he stopped a drunk driver and another drunk driver slammed into the parked car. Watch the police video.

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This T-shirt begs the question: Is it a lawsuit waiting to happen?


A band member of ¡Mayday! wore this T-shirt during a concert at Transit Lounge in West Brickell on Friday night.

The T-shirt, which appears to mock the University of Miami icon, was released by Last Rights Clothing in May of 2009 and retails for $40.

Last Rights is a line of streetwear that markets to the Miami bad boy.

During the ¡Mayday! concert a UM grad -- who crashed the party wearing a tuxedo after attending the Calle Ocho party at Vizcaya -- popped up a "U" hand sign with pride.

The local musicians, who have been recognized by MTV, may be sporting the T-shirt during their Calle Ocho performance on Sunday. 

If you are not into college football, Last Rights also carries the Miami Dolphins allegory.

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Here is ¡Mayday! with their yum Miami funk supporting the local streetwear at Lil’ Wayne's Super Bowl party:

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MTV award winning director accused of raping his five daughters

Aswad Ayinde, also known as Charles McGill, is accused of raping his five daughters.

Ayinde, 51, won an MTV award for directing the Fugees' music video "Killing Me Softly."

Here is the story.

Defendants in recent cases of parents raping their kids:

- Goel Ratzon

- Liam Adams

- George Joseph England

- Mr. and Mrs. Whisenhunt

Defendants in recent sexual crimes involving children:

- Mackquenson Jacques

- Rumaldo Frometa

- Former NBA All-Star Alvin Robertson

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A radio host's confession

BLOG The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson looks at WQAM-AM (560)'s Sid Rosenberg's new book:

"I've always been a recreational drug user -- a binge guy and weekend warrior,'' he wrote. ``Contrary to what some people think, I never once showed up for work . . . drunk or on drugs. The real problem was some of those binges that started on a Friday night wouldn't stop until Monday morning. My stay at the University of Miami only lasted three months because all I did every single day was do coke and eat Cap'n Crunch. I never went to class.''

Rosenberg said last week he hasn't used drugs or been drunk since 2005 and it has "been a while'' since he gambled. Read Jackson's report.

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Women should not go to the bathroom alone

216 This nightmare reported by the Associated Press took place at the Social in Manhattan's midtown around 2 a.m.Thursday.

A nurse, 29, was enjoying her time off with a friend, when a man asked her if she wanted to dance. She declined.

Later that night he followed her to the ladies room, and beat her until she was unconscious. Her friend found her injured in the stall.

Investigators think she may have been sexually assaulted. The NYPD released surveillance video screen grabs of the suspect. Here is the story.

Bar Attack NY118 Bar Attack NY117


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Chief exorcist: Crime is a sign of Satan's growing power in the Vatican

1268259600004 Father Gabriele Amorth warns that criminal activity within the headquaters of the Roman Catholic Church is a sign of Satan's growing influence.

The Vatican's chief exorcist for 25 years said sex crimes involving clergy are signs of the "smoke of Satan" in the church.

But crime in the Vatican has been a concern before. In 2003 Nicola Picardi, the then Vatican's chief prosecutor, said crimes per capita in 2002 were more than 20 times higher than in neighboring Italy, the BBC reported. He also said 90 percent of the complaints never lead to prosecution.

"The statistics show that there is a notable increase in litigation and in the complexity of cases, with consequences internationally and above all, for the public," Picardi said in the report.

Pickpocketing tourists is common, but killings are not. The last time a murder was committed in the Pope's home was in May 4, 1998 -- two months before Pope John Paul II died.

Amorth is suspiscious of the Holy See's crime scene report.

The Vatican investigation blamed Swiss Guard Cédric Tornay, 23, for murdering the newly named commander of the Swiss Guard Alois Estermann, 43, and his Venezuelan wife Gladys Meza Romero, 49.

After an investigation that lasted nine months, judicial officials labeled the case a murder suicide.  

Amorth explains the possibility of a Satanic conspiracy within the Vatican in his recently released book "Father Amorth. Memoirs of an Exorcist" by Marco Tosatti.

GardeUniforme "They covered up everything immediately ... here one sees the rot," said Amorth in an interview with Times.

Amorth is not alone in his skepticism

According to the book "Poteri forti" by Ferruccio Pinotti, former No. 2 of the East German secret police, Estermann had been a secret agent since 1979. 

In the book "City of Secrets" by journalist John Follain the speculation moves to allegations of a short homosexual affair between Estermann and Tornay.

Luc Brossollet, lawyer and co-author of a book called "Murdered in the Vatican," spent four years researching the case. He claims the results of the Vatican's autopsy are questionable.

“We are sure that Cédric didn't die in the position that the Vatican authorities said he did.

“They say that he was kneeling and his head fell a little bit forward. We know from the Swiss autopsy that when he died, Cedric’s head fell behind,” explained Brossollet in a Swissinfo.ch report by Isobel Johnson.

In 2005 Jacques Vergès and Brossollet filed a murder claim in Switzerland in behalf of Tornay's mother Muguette Baudat, who believes her son's suicide note was a fake. (Click here to visit the online Tornay memorial)

Amorth blames the murders on the devil:

"I speak with the Devil every day ... I talk to him in Latin. He answers in Italian.

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A brave 7-year-old

1-ws-05-carlos-911-200jc031010 When a group of armed men stormed into his home, a boy named Carlos grabbed his little sister and hid in the bathroom with a phone in his hand.

"There's some guy who's going to kill my mom and dad," he politely warned the 911 operator. "Bring cops. A lot of them! ... And soldiers, too."  (The LA TIMES has the 911 call)

The 911 operator told police that when the "bad guys with guns" discovered the kids; she was horrified by the screams.  But little Carlos had it all under control.  Here is the story.

KTLA's interview with the 911 operator:


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Hairdressers in fear

Male hairdressers may end up in handcuffs if a new rule -- banning them from styling women's hair -- is passed in Gaza. Here is the story.

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GAME OVER for internet addicted parents


Police arrested an unemployed couple, whose love story began in a chat room and ended with a "Prius Online" GAME OVER sign.

In Prius, the 41-year-old father and 25-year-old mother were raising a virtual girl named ANIMA. Police say that while the couple spent four to six hours in a cyber fantasy world -- in real life -- the couple's 3-moth-old daughter was dying of malnutrition.

Here is the story.

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Photocop will get you paranoid

Your privacy may be going out the window. What privacy? Photocop is watching.

Imagine your cars' every move was stored as a public record. Imagine it could be used in your divorce case as circumstantial evidence of adultery.

Technology is progressing fast enough to make this possible.

The new and improved License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems are increasingly spreading to more police departments in the U.S.  

Palm Beach County has been using the system to follow gang members for years. Miami-Dade County has been using it to collect data and to identify hundreds of moving cars per minute. Here is a tutorial on how it works.

El-id11 The image-processing technology has been around since the late 90s. It is also known as (AVI) Automatic Vehicle Identification, (CPR) Car Plate Recognition (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and  (OCR) Optical Character Recognition. 

The portable security cameras can be purchased on the web for as low as $1,400. The LPR system can cost about $20,000. It requires invisible infra-red illumination, a frame grabber, a PC, a Dynamic Link Library, network boards, and access to a database.

The system, also used for private security, has also proven effective for Toll Violation Enforcement Systems, Parking Revenue Management, Traffic Monitoring, Security, Travel Time Reporting, Access Control and for gathering data.


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