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Women should not go to the bathroom alone

216 This nightmare reported by the Associated Press took place at the Social in Manhattan's midtown around 2 a.m.Thursday.

A nurse, 29, was enjoying her time off with a friend, when a man asked her if she wanted to dance. She declined.

Later that night he followed her to the ladies room, and beat her until she was unconscious. Her friend found her injured in the stall.

Investigators think she may have been sexually assaulted. The NYPD released surveillance video screen grabs of the suspect. Here is the story.

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Jennifer and Andrea, I enjoy your Crime Scene blog and I realized that it is a bit tongue and cheek, but I take offense to your title for this story...totally inappropriate. This young woman was brutally beaten, almost raped & could have died at the hands of this woman- hating animal. Why? Because she turned down his advances. The only reason I can conceive for your resorting to such a low down standard of journalism is to grab the readers' attention. Believe me, the story is enough to get your readers' attention. It's a sad state of affairs when a woman can't safely go to the bathroom alone, and labeling this young woman a party girl is just gross. For two young women writers you certainly have some very old fashioned and sexist ideas. Granted, I was raised during a time when women's rights were still a bit shaky (I'm mid-forties), but I'm disappointed that the 20 to 30 somethings are sliding back to 1952. Next time you're considering being cute and clever at a victim's expense, think about how you would feel if it was your sister (or yourself) lying beaten victimized in the hospital.

Andrea Torres

Thank you for reading the blog and for posting your comment Judy.

I posted it as a warning to myself and the many friends I love who like to party in Miami.

I believe the term "party girl" in Miami doesn't really have the negative connotation that it used to have. I don't think that going to clubs once to three times a week is abnormal for most young women in Miami -- at least not for most of my friends.

The word is not meant to be demeaning. It just describes an activity or a lifestyle that is common for us "Miami girls."

This was not meant to be offensive, so I have changed the word "party girl" to women.

I appreciate your feedback. I share your values. Please feel free to red flag any other postings you may find offensive.

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