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Would you trust these abuelitos?

DSC_011 1 Mr. and Mrs. Catens said they enjoyed making and sending rosaries to Cuba. They are also involved in educational and religious organizations. One of their sons was a public servant.

Would you trust them with your money?

Those who have are now regretting it. The grandparents have become the stars in a case that is being labeled as "Miami's little Madoff."

The Securities and Exchange Commission is accusing Gaston and Teresita Cantens of using their prominent standing in the close-knit Cuban-American community to run a $135M Ponzi scheme.

Here is the story.


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Raquel Almansa

Finally they are caught, and they are both guilty, I am one of the people who trusted them

octavio de armas

They should spend their last days in jail. Follow the money trail you will be surprise how many more people were involved and benefit $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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