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Caught on tape: Teacher beats student


The woman in this video is Science teacher Sheri Lynn Davis, 40, a mother of two boys ages 4 and 14.

She is facing an unrelated criminal charge in which she is accused of slashing the tires of another woman's car with a knife in January 2009, the Associated Press reported.

In this video shot on April 29th, she is seen attacking 13-year-old Isaiah Reagins at Jamie's House Charter School, a Houston-area alternative school.

Davis' attorney, Chip Lewis, said a fight in the hallway that was not related to Davis' duties started the sequence of events.

"She saw no one was addressing the fight, she went with another teacher to break it up," Lewis said. While she was in the hall, she heard her classroom door "not only shut, but lock."

"And that's when a sense of panic came over Miss Davis," Lewis said, adding that among the students behind the locked door was a female "special needs child."

He said Davis shook the door until she caught the attention of a student who opened it, and then came the beating. Here is the AP story.


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I wonder what the punk kid said to provoke the teacher to go nuts on him. Teachers shouldn't beat on kids, but I think we've only heard half of the story here.


Yeah I agree, this kid had to have done something really bad to trigger this.


He deserved to get his ass beat...he locked the door to the her room, while she was away breaking up a fight. While the door was locked, he was fighting a girl of special needs. That's why the teacher was yelling, as she kicked his ass, "So you like to hit girls...fight me".

This kid was long overdue for an ass whooping...this kids parents are probably afraid of his bad ass.

what da

In no way did this child deserve this! He's defenseless in a corner trying to hide behind the desk and here she comes tossing desks. The poor child then is cornered with nothing between them and she takes this stance and the the kid goes down covering his head. I feel sorry for her KIDS! I could only imagine the corporal punishment they receive. Someone should look into abuse of her kids. Im sure there have been many.


The kid deserved the beating and far worse for what he did. This will teach him to not go around hitting on women unprovocated, especially mentally or physically disabled women. The teacher deserves an award!

She's in excellent physical shape to be 40 by the way!


Why can't teachers beat on kids? Some kids need it, especially in this day in time!

I am of the generation where teachers were allowed to "paddle" children. Once I recieved my paddling and then got another one at home for being bad in school, I did not do what I had done again. Fast forward to now, most kids need way more than a paddling! The ones that do not get beat at home you kind of have to wonder why. Is the parent (usually it is one parent) afraid of the child? HHHmmmm.....

So, I do not know what happenend in this classrooom, but I know teachers take a lot of crap from kids and sometime it becomes too much. If they could go back to corporal punishment, we would probably have a better group of kids! .....I'm just saying!


there is a difference between discipline which corrects a person's behavorial choices and abuse. This teacher went overboard and was fighting this child. The teacher is to have wisdom and knowledge in this case she had neither and why did she leave a classroom of children alone to break up a fight outside her class. She was responsible for her class and I am sure there were other officials around that could have helped out in the hallway. Could she have called to the Principal's office to get the other incident some help. She not only abused that child, she left the others in danger by abandoning the classroom.


Hi friends,
I dont know if u guys have noticed...the boy in the video is laughing.....and then again....if she wanted to beat him... then she could have really done that... but all she does is just throw some missed blows..pls watch carefully...& some students need to be taught in a hard way...& thats one of the boys.. Pls Spare all the drama around the teacher...let her live in peace...


I heard he was just "acting up a lil bit" o_o

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